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Research work was discussed by Scientific Council of ZNU

28.12.2006 18:43

The Scientific Council considered the question of magnification of the scientific potential of university chairs and laboratories. The associate rector of ZNU in scientific work Viktor Grishchak made the report about «Work in Optimization of the Staff of Research Laboratories…».

In particular, he mentioned following moments. Not long ago in Kyiv passed Inter-departmental conference on questions of development of research activities of higher education institutions. The Minister of education and the sciences of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko reported there about increase of the effectiveness of scientific explorations in Ukrainian universities and institutes as a crucial factor of growth of the quality of education and the socio-economic potential of Ukraine.


Our university holds on this course too in sense of collaboration of our  laboratories with enterprises. The leader in these processes is the Biological Faculty. For example, the laboratory of biotechnologies of physiologically active substances struck the bargain almost on 30 thousand of hryvnias with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Oil Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The laboratory of cell and organism biotechnologies plans to collaborate with Zaporizhzya laboratory «LEIT». The laboratory of bioresourses of natural environment has several contracts, mainly with hunting estates.


The similar activities is conducted by other faculties. The laboratory biochemistry and pharmacology of sport of the Faculty of Physical Training plans to collaborate with the clinics of medical-sanitary department of the plant «Zaporizhstal», and also to create the affiliate of the chair of the medical-biological basis of physical culture on the base that medical department. And the Mathematical Faculty is going to make treaty on collaboration with VAT «Motor-Sich» and constructors’ bureau «South» (Dnipropetrovsk).


Besides, in course of the session was said that representatives administration of the University would support financial interests of our scientific laboratories and chairs in the Ministry of education and sciences because the budget of funding of the scientific branch of the University is minimal  and some laboratories would be closed.