Відділ міжнародних зв’язків

of Zaporizhzhia National University

Education for International Students

5 steps required for entering to study in Zaporizhzhya National University:

1. Invitation for study.

2. Get a visa type "D" (04/12) to enter Ukraine. (Visa type "D" is not required for citizens of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan).

3. To notify a university on entry to Ukraine.

4. After arriving in Ukraine to apply to university for enrollment and pass the entrance examination.

5. To sign the contract and pay tuition costs.  



Kasian Kateryna, Deputy Head of the International Office

phone (fax): 38 (061) 289-12-77 
E-mail: intoffice.znu@gmail.com
the 1st academic building, office 26


Vlasiuk ViktoriaSpecialist of the International Office

E-mail: intoffice.znu@gmail.com