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The Curriculum Development, Teaching and Learning Department

The Curriculum Development, Teaching and Learning Department is a unit of the Zaporizhzhia National University that performs the functions of planning, organizing and controlling the education process in accordance with the approved curricula of the specialties, study programs and other educational materials.

The department is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine "On Education" and "On Higher Education", resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers on Licensing and Accreditation, decrees of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Charter of the University, University acts and decrees.

Goals of the Curriculum Development, Teaching and Learning Department:

  • coordinating, organizing, providing methodological and information support of the education at the University;
  • planning and metrics in controlling educational process at all stages of education at the University;
  • dissemination of cutting-edge approaches and best practices in curriculum planning and methodology;
  • development of the portfolio of study programmes in line with the University strategy;
  • maintaining and enhancing the processes by which the University assures the quality and standards of education;
  • working closely with the University Faculties and Departments, thus ensuring that there is a collaborative approach to all aspects of quality assurance and enhancement within the University;
  • aligning the University academic frameworks with external requirements regarding standards in higher education;
  • facilitating and influencing the development and implementation of the University academic strategy;
  • support of innovation in learning and teaching;
  • providing advice on structuring programmes, assessment practices and innovations;
  • assisting faculty and course writers in the preparation of learning experiences aligned with developed assessments so that the students can be successful in accomplishing the defined outcomes of the course;
  • partnering with academic and administrative units to design, plan and develop educational experiences that enhance learning flexibility such as distance educational resources;
  • offering workshops on course and programme design;
  • providing strategic consultation, facilitation and project coordination services in support of major pedagogical and curriculum initiatives;
  • working with the academic leaders across the university to incorporate an efficient and effective curriculum development process that accommodates each Faculty;
  • consulting with course writers in the alignment of courses from outcomes, to assessments, to activities through content design and development;
  • assistance in developing online courses for delivery in MOODLE;
  • maintaining, editing and updating courses in MOODLE;
  • assisting faculty in the development of new multimedia elements and digital learning objects for student engagement;
  • producing the University academic calendar and teaching timetables;
  • providing central co-ordination for all timetabling issues;
  • supervising student course-related internship and placements;
  • providing experiential learning opportunities for University students.