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2019-05-14 13:53:00

Mevlana Exchange Programme is a programme which aims the exchange of students and academic staff between the Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries.

PhD Programme in Political and Administrative Sciences

2019-05-14 13:40:00

The Institute of Political Sciences at the University of Wrocław has just launched a new PhD program taught in English and there is a possibility to get the scholarship in amount 5000PLN per month for the best candidates. 

Tallinn Summer School

2019-05-10 01:38:00

Summer Law Seminar "Building a civil society in Europe"

2016-06-03 10:46:00
The Summer Seminar “Building a civil society in Europe” is organized by the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Its aim is to provide participants with a general outline of the civil society institutions introduced in Europe. The lectures will be held in English.

The University of Nicosia is happy to invite students from all over the world to join the UNic International Summer School

2016-06-02 13:49:00


The University of Nicosia is happy to invite students from all over the world to join the UNic International Summer School, in Cyprus, one of Europe’s most visited summer destinations! We would be incredibly grateful if you could share the promotional material (attached) with others by displaying the poster and the leaflets at a suitable point in your institution or organization.

Faculty of Law of ZNU visited lecturer of the Institute of International Studies of Wroclaw University

2016-05-17 08:41:00
May 17 in the framework of the official visit to Zaporizhzhya National University at the Law Faculty a meeting of candidate of science, Associate Professor of the Department East European Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw Tomash Shyshlyak with professors of the Faculty.

European integration prospects of Ukraine with guest from Poland discussed the Faculty of Social Science and Administration

2016-05-16 07:55:00
On May 16 at the Faculty of Social Science and Administration held a round table on "European integration prospects of Ukraine". The guest of honor of the event was the candidate of political sciences, Associate Professor of the Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw (Poland) Tomash Shyshlyak who visited ZNU as part of a bilateral agreement on cooperation between universities. Participants in the roundtable were representatives of the Faculty.

At Zaporizhzhya National University will open the Confucius Institute

2016-04-12 14:55:00

Confucius Institute will start work at ZNU in less than a year. The delegation of Anhui Pedagogical University agreed with the administration of ZNU during a visit to our university last week. Ukrainian and Chinese universities signed an agreement on cooperation, which besides the opening Confucius Institute also provides for the development of mutually beneficial joint projects in the fields of education and science.

Internship Program of German Business for Ukraine

2016-03-23 10:02:00
The Internship Program of German Business for Ukraine offers students the unique opportunity of gathering practical experience in companies in Germany for several months. Thus, they enrich their studies with practical knowledge, are able to find their professional bearings better, extend their qualifications and set milestones for their career.
Upon the return of the interns, the experience gathered is to be used to further the economic development and to strengthen the economic cooperation between Germany and Ukraine. The program, reaching across whole Ukraine, contributes to creating a cross-sectoral network of young, cosmopolitan professionals that will contribute to sustainable business ties.

2016 Summer Institute on Program Evaluation

2016-02-04 12:03:00

Logic models have emerged as a major tool for improving public and private social programs at every stage of their operations, from initial program planning to implementation and management and through evaluation. As a result, worldwide, they are used increasingly by all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations, funding agencies, and researchers. The ability to develop and assess logic models is now a much sought-after skill for social welfare professionals.

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