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Law Students Visited Eight EU Countries

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Within the program of the academic mobility and strengthening the international relations the Law Department of ZNU introduced the series of the studying visits of the students to the European countries. It is supported by the Center of the International Law (Odessa). From July 21 to August 1 2011 the students majoring in Law lead by the Vice Dean in International Relations of the law Department Mykhailo Vikhlyaev were on the tour in eight European countries: Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Firstly, the students visited the Wroclaw University. Then they went to Berlin and visited the Reichstag there. They were very surprised that there are still the notes of the Soviet soldiers at its walls, which have been there since the World War II.
Next they visited the Gaga International Court (Netherlands) where they were at the lecture of the practical jurists working at the International Criminal Court, which works with people who committed crimes against the humanity.
Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France) were next in the program.
Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary were on the way home. The students had wonderful possibility to see the European life and are very thankful to the Dean Tetiana Kolomoets and the department's administration for this summer journey.

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