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Participants are requested to complete the application form and to pay an entrance fee at the rate of 50 UAH (to cover the expenses of the abstracts release). To be accepted the participant must submit: an abstract, an application, and a xerocopy of the entrance fee receipt by the September 15, 2004 deadline. Scientific papers may be submitted later (e.g. delivered directly to the Board of Organizers during the Congress (printed and electronic copies)).

Tickets, board and lodging are at one's own expense. Hotel accommodations in Zaporizhzhya can be reserved by an advance order.

Please book your return-tickets.


of a participant of the 1 International Congress The National Pearl of Zaporizhzhia: the Introduction of Innovative-Investment Technologies of the Great Khortitsa Bioecosystem Harmonization
Last First Middle Initial___________________________________________________________
Academic status_________________________________________________________________
Scientific degree_________________________________________________________________
Official position/ profession________________________________________________________
Scientific establishment___________________________________________________________
Address (for correspondence) ______________________________________________________
Topical specification (section No)___________________________________________________
Report title_____________________________________________________________________
Participation form (paper presentation, report, participation in discussion)___________________
Please reserve for me a place in a hotel/health centre (underline the variant you choose):
- first class accommodation ( from 250 UAH);
- one-man hotel accommodation (from 100 UAH);
- a place in an accommodation for two (from 60 UAH);
- an accommodation in the health centre (30 UAH daily)
Date of Arrival_____________________ Date of Departure______________________________

Contact us

Contact the Board of the Congress organizers for further information.
Our address: 66 Zhukovskogo str., Zaporizhzia 69063, Ukraine, the Board of Organizers
Phone: (061) 220-97-47, (0612) 64-45-46, E-mail:
Fax: (0612) 64-45-46
The Congress is registered as international; registration No94 01.03.2004

Financial requisites of the University:

Zaporizhzhya State University
Banking information:
Bank of the University:
SHEVCHENKOVSKOE BRANCH of Prominvestbank, Zaporizhzhia.
MFO 313322
Account #26003301246276/978

Correspondent account of the Bank of the University in:
Prominvestbank, Kiev, Ukraine: #39015901313322.

Correspondent Bank of the: Prominvestbank, Kiev, Ukraine, in Germany:
Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main:
ACC. NO 949 8296 00

(in column transaction signification please mark: for the participation in the Congress (initials of a participant), for a publication of an article (initials of a participant)
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