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The competition of the beauty took place in the University

On the 28-th of March the wonderful holiday of women’s beauty took place in the Cultural Palace of Drobyazko. 13 the most beautiful students of ZNU showed their own talents in front of spectators at several competitive nominations: defile, swimsuit, mundane grows. The holiday of the beauty is not only a show, but also a competition with its struggle and judges. The leaders were determined during the first three rounds. It wasn’t a surprise the final of the competition, when the girls showed unforgettable dresses together with their young men. All the participants got presents, flowers and titles “Miss Photo”, “Miss Talent”, “Miss Genius”, “Miss Smile”, “Miss Elegant”. The best three students of ZNU will present our university at the regional competition of beauty. The celebration of spring hasn’t finished yet. According to the words of student’s Rada – Ivan Korsun, this competition was dedicated to spring and all the woman. It was not the last holiday at our university, next time it will be nicer and more grandiose. Igor Samokish, Natalya Dragan, Zina Belevitina.
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30.03.2007 12:02

International conference “Modern problems of biology, ecology and chemistry “

The international conference “Modern problems of biology, ecology and chemistry “started in ZNU, it was dedicated to the second decade of the faculty of biology and will last for 4 days. The organizers of this conference were: the state government of ecology and natural resources of Zaporishshya and the Institute of Ecology “Biosphere”. A lot of work has done on this faculty. In virtue of the experiments 6 monographs had written, more than 6o patents had received. This year the professor of biology O.Rils’kiy has published the text-book to the schoolchildren. So, the results are great! Natalya Zhelnova.
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29.03.2007 12:01

The representatives of ZNU took part in the International ecological seminar

On the 27-28-th of March the representatives of ZNU took part in the International seminar “Ecological partnership in Zaporizhzhya” in the Centre of re – qualification and rising the qualification of state employees. The main aim of this action was to establish the possibility of agreement and to direct the efforts for the environmental protection in Zaporizhzhya. The head of the city Evgeniy Kartashov made a greeting speech. He stressed that a lot must be done to make smoke from factories and car fumes cleaner; the citizens of the city must do everything possible to protect our environment. The discussing of the reports caused a great interest among the members of the seminar. Tamila Tarasenko.
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29.03.2007 12:01

“The week of Frankofoniya” in ZNU

19-23 of March the week of Frankofoniya took place on the faculty of foreign languages in ZNU. It is a good tradition to it’s organizer to conduct meetings, where their language knowledge’s. On the 13-th of March all the students of the speciality “French language and literature” wrote the dictation according to the conditions of the competition “DICO d’OR”. The aim was to determine the best connoisseur of French language. According to the results the winners are: V. Nosylenko, I. Chumack, M. Maksimenkova and K. Klimentenko. Now this faculty is preparing to the new cultural action “French spring”. Igor Samokish.
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29.03.2007 11:59

One more step to new sport achievements

On the 28-th of March the regional aerobic sport competitions among the students of ZNU, ZNTU, ZSIA, ZISMU and ZSMU took place. The main aim of these competitions was to choose the team to the eighth summer universiade of Ukraine. Before the beginning of the games the professor of the chair of sport and Olympic Games Boris Kokarev made a speech. He said that the team was in a full readiness and it could take part at the competitions of any level. The official winners are Olexandra Bondarenko and Sergiy Kruglov. Oles’ Barlig.
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27.03.2007 11:55

“Theatre – this is something, that couldn’t be described by words” – say the students – actors of ZNU

27-th of March, the celebration of the Theatre Day took place in the Cultural Palace of Drobyazko. On this day the young actors showed their skills at the stage of the great Palace. The manager of the chair of author’s mastership O. P. Korol’ stressed that theatre had youth, maturity, but hadn’t old age. The students of elder courses made glad the audience by different miniscenes. The students proved that theatre is their life.
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27.03.2007 11:55

“Parliamentary debates” took place in Zaporizhzhya National University

24-th of March, Auditory 501 was turned into the session’s hall, because the intellectual game “Parliamentary debates” took place. The initiator and organizer of the games was well known club of intellectual games “Moderator”. The youth leaders of Zaporizhzhya were also invited there. The judges marked the high level of the players. A good behavior and the wish to win remained at the presents after the debates. Sonya Sokolova
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27.03.2007 11:53

The advises of the specialities about jobs for graduates

On the 20 of March 2007 the training in the hall of the 5 course ZNU "How to begin your own career" was held. The aim was to help students to be well oriented in life. It was organised by the students' company of the juridical faculty and "The League of the students".
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20.03.2007 11:50

The Open Doors' Day at the philological faculty

On the 20 of March more than 100 school-graduates came to get acquainted with the administration of the faculty, its teachers, scientific development and future work. The dean of the faculty Tamara Homyak expressed her thought that philology is the most important science. The main thing was the story about credit-modul system of education and about the revival of the native language. After that there was the test. Tanya Nos stressed that she wanted Ukrainian language to go ahead, because it is important for our Ukraine. Many school-leavers attend the preparatory courses which give them to be very confident in their strength.
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20.03.2007 11:47

The Open Doors' Day at the biology faculty

On the 19 of March 2007 about 150 school-graduates together with their parents gathered in the hall. First the dean of the faculty Ludmila Omelyanchik was introduced, who told about the history of the faculty, invited to come to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first of April and than spoke about the different directions, the system of practice and the future job. The representatives of the "preparing before the exams" highly appreciated the choice of students. After that the achievements of the faculty were presented and the test that aimed to control knowledge. It is a real level of preparing for exams. All school-leavers were glad to get such useful information.
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19.03.2007 11:46
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