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The competition of the beauty took place in the University

On the 28-th of March the wonderful holiday of women’s beauty took place in the Cultural Palace of Drobyazko. 13 the most beautiful students of ZNU showed their own talents in front of spectators at several competitive nominations: defile, swimsuit, mundane grows. The holiday of the beauty is not only a show, but also a competition with its struggle and judges. The leaders were determined during the first three rounds. It wasn’t a surprise the final of the competition, when the girls showed unforgettable dresses together with their young men. All the participants got presents, flowers and titles “Miss Photo”, “Miss Talent”, “Miss Genius”, “Miss Smile”, “Miss Elegant”. The best three students of ZNU will present our university at the regional competition of beauty. The celebration of spring hasn’t finished yet. According to the words of student’s Rada – Ivan Korsun, this competition was dedicated to spring and all the woman. It was not the last holiday at our university, next time it will be nicer and more grandiose. Igor Samokish, Natalya Dragan, Zina Belevitina.
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30.03.2007 12:02
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