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Euro Atlantic vector in state policy

Informational and educational seminar “Role of society in realisation of Euro Atlantic integration of Ukraine” assembled well-known specialists in that problem, scientists, and public figures in different branches of social activity in the walls of ZNU yesterday. The meeting had been organized by Zaporizhzhya Centre in problems of European and Euro Atlantic integration of Ukraine with the support of Social league Ukraine – NATO of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine.
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31.10.2008 12:04

Law faculty gained victory in intellectual competitions

The Day of law faculty in ZNU is traditionally celebrated not only with solemn meetings and parties. This year the 3-rd Intellectual competitions «What? Where? When?» in criminal right were also dedicated to the holiday.
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30.10.2008 11:40

In 2008 year 65 dissertations were defended in ZNU

Today certificates of post-graduate study were handed and it was a special day for those who put all their forces in three years in order to prepare and to defend candidate dissertation.
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30.10.2008 11:38

Future attorney-at-laws took part in work of Supreme Rada

Students of the law faculty of Zaporizhzhya national university never lose opportunity to try themself in the role of real professionals while they are still students. That is why they are constant participants of the great professional-role game “National pattern of Supreme Rada of Ukraine”. This year passed already the third game on the base of Odessa national law academy.
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28.10.2008 11:36

epresentatives of Femida won in draughts

Competitions in draughts among men last week accomplished the regular stage of Sports festival in ZNU. Results were really unexpected.
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27.10.2008 11:35

Ordered articles in Zaporizhzhya mass media: a view of specialists

The most popular journalists of our city visited yesterday Zaporizkogo national university, in order to discuss the problem of ordered materials in mass media (so-called «jeansa»).
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24.10.2008 11:33

In ZNU started the jubilee festival of Clubs of humor

Yesterday the Festival of humor in Zaporizhzhya national university opened the season of closed league of Clubs of humor to the Rector’s cup. In the first friendly game 11 teams from different faculties participated. It is remarkable fact that this year the Cup of ZNU of Humor celebrates its 10-th anniversary! That is why a lot of surprises await for participants and fans in this season.
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24.10.2008 11:30

Famous Ukrainian journalist Vakhtang Kipiani visited ZNU

Ex-Editor of the journal “Focus” and fiduciary of the project “Great Ukrainians” arrived to Zaporizhzhya only for one day on 21-st of October. He planned to attend the class of Khristina Demkovich – the participant of the program of Fulbright, professor of Townsend University (USA) and to meet with students of the faculty of journalism of Zaporizhzhya national university.
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21.10.2008 15:29

Students of ZNU supported the world action

On October, 17 in ZNU, like all through Ukraine, passed the action “Stand up and act against poverty” on the occasion of International Day of United Nations dedicated to fight with poverty.
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21.10.2008 15:28

Day of school graduates in ZNU

The hall of the 2-nd building of ZNU yesterday could hardly accommodate all willing to acquaint with Zaporizhzhya national university. Over thousand future students and their parents came to our university at the Day of school graduates, where they could get acquainted with faculties, realize all advantages of the elected profession or take a talk with lecturers and make their choice.
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20.10.2008 15:26
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