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Young scientists discussed problems of rights reforming

The second all-Ukrainian students’ scientific-practical conference «Problems and prospects of right reform in Ukraine by eyes of young scientists» gathered in Zaporizhzhya national university about 40 young scientists from all Ukraine.
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31.03.2008 15:59

Project «Social and psychological rehabilitation by means of theatre»

Ініціативною групою кафедри акторської майстерності було розроблено проект з «Соціально-психологічна реабілітація засобами театрального мистецтва», який взяв участь у конкурсі соціально-значимих проектів, що проводився центром соціальних програм UC RUSAL, став його переможцем і отримав малий гранд.
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27.03.2008 15:56

Awarding with grants of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration

On one of sessions of Coordination council in questions of youth policy, dedicated to patriotic upbringing of youth, the deputy chairman of Zaporizhzhya state administration Mikola Frolov handed certificates and grants to the best students, determined by the head of Zaporizhzhya regional administration. According to his disposal, one of those students, awarded for the second semester of 2007/2008 educative year, became the post-graduate student from the faculty of management of Zaporizkogo national university Olga Sova.
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27.03.2008 15:55

Lecturers of the law faculty of ZNU prepare instructors in patriotic upbringing of youth of our region

Representatives of the law faculty of Zaporizhzhya national university – the dean of the faculty, professor Tetyana Kolomoets and the assistant of the chair of constitutional and labour right Igor Zubko - took part in inauguration of Kursant Corpse.
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26.03.2008 16:19

Amateur teams of ZNU «Mister Muscle» and «Sun» became the winner of international festival

From March 17 to 22 in our city passed the 10-th Jubilee international festival of students’ theaters of miniatures «Students’ jests-2008». This year this show of laughter and humor gathered on one scene young and already experienced artists from Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia, including two teams of Zaporizhzhya national university.
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26.03.2008 10:04

Sportsmen of ZNU have the best chances

From September 2007 to May 2008 the Regional sports festival among universities of our city takes place. Those competitions include 11 kinds of sport, among which athletics, chess, draughts, swimming, mini-football, aerobics, basketball, volleyball, mini-football, aerobics, basketball, volleyball.
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25.03.2008 10:02

Hostels played volleyball

Student-girls of three hostels of ZNU took part in competitions in volleyball. In order to determine, who is the best, girls played three games.
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24.03.2008 10:01

Сontest of talents “Triumphal Arch” started

On March 18 started the contest of talents of students of ZNU “Triumphal Arch” that would last for two months.
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19.03.2008 11:36

Victory of students of the law faculty All-Ukrainian competition

Students of the law faculty of Zaporizhzhya national university gained one more victory – that time the 4-th-year students of the faculty Maxim Zhukov and Olexandr Stetsenko won the second place in the nomination «The best defender» in the Ninth All-Ukrainian competition in proprietary right and process to the name of Professor Sergiy Zakharovich Mikhailin.
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19.03.2008 11:35

Training for young journalists

Today, in order to share professional experience with youth, the manager of Office of information and mass media of the Department in problems of media and information of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Nataliya Zvorigina visited the faculty of journalism of ZNU.
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19.03.2008 10:00
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