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Zaporizhzhya National University has taken part in the exhibition “Entrant -2009”

In Zaporizhzhya commercial and industrial chamber the 10th anniversary inter-regional specialized exhibition “Entrant -2009” is working. It enjoys the big popularity among entrants and their parents. Already during ten years in the work of this exhibition Zaporizhzhya National University also takes part. Every year the future students and their parents can receive answers to their questions directly from teachers and students of different faculties of our university, and also from representatives of the Faculty of Access Course of ZNU. Tamila Tarasenko
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30.01.2009 18:06

Students-contracters can partially return money paid for education

One of the pleasant facts for our students is the right for receiving the tax credit. It is real chance to return a part of money paid for education. At first Ukrainians heard about it in 2004 after acceptance of the Law “About profit taxes of physical persons”. Nevertheless, only 70% of youth know about such opportunity. So, on January, 27th specialists of the State tax service in Zaporizhzhya region led press conference to inform students about their rights.
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29.01.2009 11:59

Registration for trial Independent Testing is prolonged

Registration for trial Independent Testing in Ukrainian language and literature and History of Ukraine is prolonged till February, 17th. Repeated testing takes place on February, 22nd. Registration for trial testing in Foreign Languages: English, French, German and Spanish (registration till February, 3rd, testing takes place on February, 8th); in Geography, Biology and Chemistry (registration till February, 10th, testing takes place on February, 15th) also proceeds.
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28.01.2009 12:01

At the Faculty of Journalism the course of American teacher has come to the end

Results of the unique course “Statement of news”, which was taught by Chrystyna Demkovych, the participant of Fulbright academic exchange program, the Professor of Colombia University, were brought on January, 26th. Ten students received official certificates, to which it is possible to refer at drawing up the resume.
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27.01.2009 12:02

More than 2 thousand entrants have passed trial testing in ZNU

Aspiration for better preparation to External Independent Rating has collected at Zaporizhzhya National University more than 2 thousand entrants. Yesterday here free-of-charge trial testing in the most “popular” subjects - Ukrainian language and Literature and History of Ukraine was held.
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26.01.2009 11:55

Regional Olympiad in the Mathematics

On January, 17th, 2009 regional Olympiad in the Mathematics took place. To load tasks..
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22.01.2009 11:54

The double diploma is a reality for a student of ZNU

Students of the Faculties of Physics, Mathematics and Biology of ZNU have a chance to study in France during a year and to receive the master’s diploma of the European sample in addition to the Ukrainian one.
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20.01.2009 12:25

Priorities and prospects of Zaporizhzhya region development in sight of politicians and scientists

The international scientifical and practical conference “Zaporizhzhya - the past and the present. Prospects and priorities of development” became the next step on realization of actions in honour of the 70th anniversary of Zaporizhzhya region. Its organizers are Zaporizhzhya regional administration, Zaporizhzhya regional council, Zaporizhzhya town’s council and Zaporizhzhya National University, The anniversary of the region is a remarkable occasion not only to recollect its achievements, but also to outline perspective ways of the next development of our region.
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16.01.2009 12:29

Representatives of ZNU have taken active part in the actions devoted to the 70th anniversary of Zaporizhzhya region

The management and the teacher’s stuff of our high school have acted as co-organizers of the International scientifical and practical conference, devoted to prospects and priorities of development of our region. Representatives of ZNU have also taken part in other official actions devoted to this date.
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16.01.2009 12:27


The stuff of Zaporizhzhya National University expresses sincere condolences to Olexander Tkachenko, the laboratory assistant of the laboratory of technical means of teaching in occasion of his father’s, Andriy Tkachenko, death, who was the member of the theory of economy department.
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14.01.2009 12:30
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