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In ZNU the problem of homeless animals was discussed

On March, 27th in ZNU the question of the humane attitude to animals was discussed. The occasion was the round table discussion on the theme: "Problems of homeless animals in the urbanized world". The organizer of action was scientific student's society of the Faculty of Biology.
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31.03.2009 10:09

ZNU was included in list of twenty best high schools of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhya National University is the only Zaporizhzhya high schools which has been included in the list of the best higher educational institutions of Ukraine under the version of the Ukrainian business paper "Money".
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30.03.2009 10:14

Presentation of the project "Ukraine: history of great people" in ZNU

For presentation of the patriotic national project "Ukraine: history of the great nation" its organizers came to our university from Kiev. The project exists two years during which the series of books in history has been published.
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30.03.2009 10:12

The fund of Scientific library of ZNU is filled up with the unique editions

22 copies of exclusive editions and also interesting video data have been transferred to Scientific library of ZNU from Zaporizhzhya administration of Security service of Ukraine. The theme of these books is Famine Extermination of 1932-1933.
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29.03.2009 10:16

Football duel between the Faculties of History and Math

Extremely strained there was the final match in mini-football between commands of the Faculties of History and Math which took place within the limits of ZNU Games.
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26.03.2009 10:06

Competition of advertising at ZNU!

The administration, the Faculty of Journalism and press centre of ZNU have declared the competition of ads’ scripts of TV spot "ZNU is the best university".
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24.03.2009 09:58

The scientific library presented unique editions about Kobzar

The stuff of ZNU scientific library within the limits of Shevchenko’s days celebrating organized the traditional fortnight exhibition, devoted to vital and creative ways of Kobzar.
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23.03.2009 10:24

Presentation of certificates of ZNU Center of business-education

On March, 20th at Zaporizhzhya National University the presentation of diplomas to the fourth number of listeners of improvement the qualification courses «Management of tourism» in the Center business-education of ZNU was solemnly celebrated.
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23.03.2009 10:22

Trial testings were summed up in ZNU

About 8 thousand entrants have taken part in the free-of-charge trial testing organized by the staff of Zaporizhzhya National University. By the results of testing in ZNU, 80 percent of senior pupils have shown sufficient level of knowledge for entrance in higher educational institutions, having typed more than 124 points.
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23.03.2009 10:08

The corporate social responsibility for economists

On February, 19-21th Cand.Econ.Sci., the senior lecturer of the Department of the economic theory and business of ZNU Nadija Shmygol has taken part in the training «Teaching of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) at universities: what to begin with?» (Kyiv).
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20.03.2009 11:48
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