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«Let Us Introduce Ourselves-2010» - Second Day. We Light the Stars!

The program of the second day of the freshmen festival «Let Us Introduce Ourselves. Silver Star» was very busy. The concert hall was so packed with fans that couldn't let everybody to come in. The students of the Department of Sociology and Administration, the Department of Physical Education and the History Department participated in the contest today.
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13.10.2010 14:46

Law Department Held Charity Action "Environment Day"

The Law Department's students came up with the initiative organizing of the charity action "The Environment Day". The students cleaned the territory around the 5th building of ZNU and near the monument of the tank equipage of the USSR Hero M. Yatsenko.
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13.10.2010 14:37

«Let Introduce Ourselves-2010» Has Started!

The festival of the amateur art of the ZNU freshmen «Let Introduce Ourselves-Silver Star» started yesterday. The students of Biological, Physical, Economic Departments and the Department of Foreign Languages showed their talents on the first day of the contest.
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13.10.2010 14:24

Week of Informatics and Programming in ZNU

From October 1st till October 7th there was the Week of Informatics and Programming devoted to the Programmer Day in the Collage of Economics and Law of ZNU. It was the first time the university organized the event.
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13.10.2010 14:15
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