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State Deputy Irina Akimova Visited ZNU

Within the events of the Political Studies Club of ZNU there was meeting of the State Deputy Irina Akimova, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee of Economical Politics, with University students.
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28.01.2010 17:22

Named Academic Stipends Assigned in ZNU

Academic Council of the University affirmed the list of the students who were assigned to receive the named academic stipends for their great achievents in studing and public life.
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28.01.2010 16:51

ZNU Rector Decorated with Zaporizhzhya Oblast Council Order

Yesterday at the ZNU Academic Council Rector Sergiy Tymchenko was rewarded with Order "For Achievements to Zaporizhzhya Land" of the Second Level. Congratulations!
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27.01.2010 17:09

Rector of ZNU Rewarded High Schools Seniors

On January 26th the winners of ZNU Press Center Contest of the Creative Seniors' Papers were rewarded in the University.
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27.01.2010 16:59

First Graduates in Melitopol Center of Business Education!

The Center of Business Education of Economical and Humanitarian Department of Zaporizhzhya National University celebrated graduating of the first group of Massage and Rehabilitation major. Twelve of first graduates received the certificates of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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27.01.2010 16:43

Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry Representatives Visited ZNU

It has already been 10 years since Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Germany) started collaborating with Zaporizhzhya higher educational establishments. Within this agreement the Head of Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry Wolfgang Merts visited ZNU.
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27.01.2010 13:49

Tatiana's Day for Zaporizhzhya Students

To congratulate the best Zaporizhzhya students with the Student Day City Mayor Yevgen Kartashov and Deputy Oberburgomaster of Magdeburg (Germany) Rayner Nitche came to "Tetiana's Day" Club.
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26.01.2010 16:25

Fedir Turchenko Honored with the State Reward of Ukraine

ZNU Vice Rector in Scientific, Pedagogic and Educational Work Fedir Turchenko was rewarded with Order of the Second Level "For Achievements" for his great contribution into the matter of consolidation of Ukrainian society, development of democratic, social and lawful state and on the occasion of Day of Unity of Ukraine.
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26.01.2010 16:14

First Ukrainian Twitter-barcamp Held in ZNU

100 active Web users from different regions of Ukraine and neighbor countries participated in the informal conference. Among them there were leaders of successful business-projects; media, IT, PR specialists, and also musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Everyone who due to the bad weather conditions wasn't able to participate in the «Ukrtweet» could follow the conference on line.
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25.01.2010 15:50

New Step Towards ZNU's European Future

The Head of French as the Foreign Language Department (Du Men University, France) Professor Jean François Burde visited ZNU on January 14th-15th. He had a meeting with the teachers of Roman Philology and Translation sub-department of ZNU and the students of Freign Languages Department.
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21.01.2010 12:51
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