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Oles Berdnyk’s “Eternal Source” book presentation

Presentation of a new 85th anniversary edition of Oles Berdnyk’s “Eternal Source”, autobiography work within the framework of “Zoriana Ukraina” Oles Berdnyk’s International Arts Charity Festival held in ZNU
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03.03.2012 10:38

Workshop for teachers of Biology and Chemistry in ZNU

The workshop for local teachers of Biology and Chemistry was carried out by Zaporizhzhya Regional Institute for Postgraduate Teacher Training Education
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03.03.2012 10:03

Students Arts Exhibition installed in Dormitory # 3

Hall of Dormitory # 3, ZNU houses students art exhibition, initiated and launched by the Centre of after-class activities.
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03.03.2012 10:01

‘Orbita-University’ volleyball team to gain victory over ‘Iskra’ (Lugansk) scoring 3:0

12th round of Ukrainian Championship in volleyball was held among Major League teams. ‘Orbita-University’, Zaporizhzhya won over ‘Iskra’, a Championship outsider. The competition was taking place at Zaporizhzhya National University sports grounds.
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03.03.2012 09:55

ZNU graduate will take part in European Championship in wrestling

Belgrade (Serbia), March 6-11 a European Championship in wrestling will be held. Sportsmen in Graeco-Roman wrestling are going to compete for Continental Championship medals. National teams’ line-up is already selected. Among other sportsmen representing Zaporizhzhya region is Armen Vardanian, graduate of Zaporizhzhya National University
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03.03.2012 09:40

Social action “A drop of blood to live”

Social action “A drop of blood to live” was carried out by students of Law for the third time this academic year
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03.03.2012 09:25

Workshop in crafting 'motanka’ doll by Valentyna Berdnyk-Sokorynska

Valentyna Berdnyk-Sokorynska, a renowned crafts master in making dolls, ideas leader for “Ukrainian Spiritual Republic” NGO giving master class in ZNU on crafting ‘motanka’ doll under “Ethnic sources of Ukrainian culture and modernity”
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03.03.2012 09:10
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