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Team STEM "News" opened the festival "Student jokes - 2013"

Opening the XV International Festival of Student Theatre entertainment Miniatures "Student jokes - 2013" gathered fans humor from around the city. This year, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University of visiting teams not only from many regions of Ukraine but also from Russia and Belarus. Among the competition, as in previous years - Team STEM Zaporizhzhya National University.
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21.03.2013 14:29

Student at the faculty Students won the contest «La corrida de mots»

March 16-18 in the "Week of the French language and Francophone 'first contest was held« La corrida de mots », which was attended by experts and Spanish speakers.
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21.03.2013 14:22

Students of the faculty - "Silver" prize competition poetic perekladu16-March 18 in the "Week of the French language and Francophone 'first contest was held« La corrida de mots », which was attended by experts and native Spanish.

March 15 Embassy of Canada in Ukraine and Association of Teachers of French of Ukraine was held VII International Competition for literary translation Francophone poets in Canada. The event was arranged to commemorate the outstanding Canadian poet Hector de Saint-Denis Garneau.
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21.03.2013 14:15

SHEVCHUK Zinaida with a successful defense of a thesis department welcomes graduate and doctorate!

Protection was held March 20, 2013 in the specialty 19.00.07 - Educational and Developmental Psychology, supervisor -
Shevchenko NF
May the light and warmth will be your constant companions of destiny, good mood accompanies every day, all your good deeds will come back to you a hundredfold!
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21.03.2013 14:09

Centers of learning foreign languages ​​and postgraduate education began a new phase of career guidance to students Students

In early spring began scheduled annual meetings staff education centers Students with graduate students of our university. Specialists of language and the Center for Postgraduate Education intended to tell students about additional educational opportunities offered Zaporizhzhya National University.
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21.03.2013 13:43

In the center of learning foreign languages ​​Students started speaking clubs in Foreign Languages

Last week, the study of foreign languages ​​Students began their deliberations Speaking Clubs of foreign languages ​​for all students and trainees News Center. Drive Speaking Clubs volunteers from the international youth organization AIESEC - are students and graduates from around the world: Carolina Pessona (Brazil), Julia Schulz (Germany), Anna Biro (Hungary).
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21.03.2013 13:12

In Economics and Law College Students meeting the section Economic and Management Sciences

March 20 in Economics and Law College Students in the V of the conference students and young scientists "Young science-2013", the regular meeting. Section of Economic Sciences and Management instructor led economic disciplines EPA, PhD Margarita Simonova.
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21.03.2013 11:56

Athletes of the ZNU College of Economics and Law won victories at the international, All-Ukrainian and regional competitions

At the beginning of March in Fudzheyr (United Arab Emirates) took place the     Tae Kwon Do World Cup class G 1. There were representatives of the 250th country of the world. Ukraine national team included ІІ course students Vladislav Yarmachek (the master of sports of Ukraine from Tae Kwon Do) Vladislav Yarmachek (the Ukraine master of sports from Tae Kwon Do) and Maxim Dominishin (the Ukraine World-class athlete from Tae Kwon Do) from Physical training of the ZNU College of Economics and Law. Guys worthy presented the country at competitions - Vladislav Yarmachek took ІІ a place in individual competitions, and t Ukraine national team from Tae Kwon Do took ІІ an all-command place.

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21.03.2013 10:55

At law faculty of ZNU passed meeting of “Communication club in English for lawyers”

On 20 of March at law faculty of ZNU took place the second meeting of communication club in English “English Speaking Club”. As the organizer of action acted the office of Student League of Ukrainian Lawyers Association in Zaporizhzhya. 

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21.03.2013 10:00

Problems of modern mathematics discussed at mathematical faculty of ZNU

The activists of The Student’s and Graduate student’s Scientific Society of mathematical faculty held the meeting of the round table “Problems of Modern Mathematics”. As the moderator of the meeting was the director of the SGSS of the mathematical faculty – Inna Starchenko

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21.03.2013 09:36
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