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Among the finalists of the International Competition named after P. Yatsyk - student of ELC

January 25 on the basis of Zaporizhzhya classical lyceum held the final stage of XIV International Competition in the Ukrainian language named after Petro Yatsyk. It was attended by the winners of the regional stage - students of urban and regional schools, colleges, vocational schools and universities. Among the winners and participants - 2nd year student of Economics and Law College of ZNU of specialty "Production Organization" Olga Yemelyanenkova.
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31.01.2014 14:08

Indoor soccer - 3rd kind of sport competitions among university teachers and staff

January 30 held competitions on indoor soccer under sports contest among university teachers and staff. In sport event took part 4 teams.
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30.01.2014 14:55

In Zaporizhzhya National University continued sports contest among the teachers and staff of the university

January 29 in our university in the framework of sports contest among the teachers and staff held table tennis competition. Organizer of the sports event were representatives of sports and recreation complex of Zaporizhzhya National University
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29.01.2014 13:44

ZNU in 2013 made ​​a breakthrough in the science sector and international cooperation

January 28 held a meeting of the Academic Council of ZNU, which was summed up the activities of the university and its departments in the past 2013 and outlines the prospects for further development of the university. A report on research activities and international cooperation made ​​by Vice-Rector for Science and Research Victor Gristchak.
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29.01.2014 13:15

In Zaporizhzhya National University started sports contest among the teachers and staff of the university

January 28 in our university held the first competition in the framework of sports contest among the teachers and staff of Zaporizhzhya National - namely of checkers.
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28.01.2014 13:30

Continued renovation works at 3rd and 4th academic buildings of ZNU

In Zaporizhzhya National University continues extensive renovation works on several objects at once. Indeed, one of the priorities of our university is to update the material and technical basis and create normal conditions for studies and work.
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27.01.2014 12:38

Representatives of the Faculty of Physics of ZNU - among members of the jury 3rd stage of All-Ukrainian Students Olympiad in Physics

Recently, on the basis of Zaporizhzhya multidisciplinary 99th Lyceum took place 3rd (regional) of All-Ukrainian Students Olympiad in Physics. The jury members included representatives of the Faculty of Physics of ZNU.
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27.01.2014 10:04

In ZNU congratulated students of all universities from Zaporizhzhya on Tatyana's Day

January 24 at Zaporizhzhya National University conducted urban music and entertainment show timed to the Students' Day. In the cafe "Tetyana's Day" brought together representatives of all higher educational institutions of the city, first of all - students, whose name is Tetyana. Yesterday, they was welcomed most of all, because January 25 Tetyana's, who studying in universities have a double celebration: holiday Tetyana is the patroness of all students youth.
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25.01.2014 10:24

Congratulations on Tetyana's Day and Students' Day!

Congratulations to the student community of Zaporizhzhya National University on the holiday of all students - Tetyana's Day!
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25.01.2014 10:06

Continues modernization of the university

In Zaporizhzhya National University continues scheduled repair and construction work conducted by the team of maintenance and supply of the university. Educational premises are completed with new furniture, replacement of windows to modern plastic. This modern image acquiring buildings, laboratories and audiences of ZNU.
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24.01.2014 10:44
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