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In the Job Placement Centers are sure, that the ZNU – is the way to the successful self-actualization

Yesterday, February 27, in Zaporizhzhya city Job Placement Center held a presentation of Zaporizhzhya National University, which was attended by representatives of the Department of Pre-University training, career guidance and job placement and the Faculty of Law of ZNU in the "Month career guidance", which is now in our city.
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27.02.2015 12:59

At the Faculty of Biology finished the 1st stage of All-Ukrainian Students' Olympiad

In February at the Faculty of Biology of ZNU held 1 st stage ofAll-Ukrainian Students' Olympiad 2014/2015 academic year from different directions of science. It was attended about 70 students – biologists, ecologists and chemists.
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27.02.2015 12:39

At the ZNU finished semifinal of the Open League of Club of the witty and creative of ZNU Rector's Cup

February 26 at the Zaporizhzhya National University held the second semi-final game of the Open League of Club of the witty and creative of ZNU Rector's Cup. In this game of looking forward all fans of the Club of the witty and creative. In the final and the title of best players of the Open League of Club of the witty and creative at this time competed 6 teams of Club of the witty and creative of Zaporizhzhya National University and from others Higher Educational Institutions of Zaporizhzhya.
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27.02.2015 11:05

Student's of the Faculty of Economics visited the specialized сomprehensive boarding school

February 26 Social organization "Volunteer center of Zaporizhzhya" and asset of the Student Council of the Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University visited Vilniansk specialized comprehensive boarding school. During this visit for senior pupils of the boarding school organized a meeting with volunteer staff and with warriors, who arrived from the zone of anti-terrorist organization.
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27.02.2015 10:59

At the Trade College held an open educational hour, "I love you, Ukraine!"

February 24 at  the Trade College of ZNU students of the group 1/14 had open an educational hour on theme "I love you, Ukraine!" under the leadership of curator Halyna Kuznietsova.
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27.02.2015 10:53

Students of ZNU studied historical reconstruction of clothes

Yesterday, February 25, at the Faculty of History at the initiative of his Student Council and independent re-enactors of Zaporizhzhya held public lecture on theme "Historical reconstruction."
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26.02.2015 16:40

Teachers of the  Faculty of Mathematics took part in a roundtable "My profession - Programmer" in CEL (College of Economics and Law)

February 24 in the framework of "Week of computer science and mathematics" in College of Economics and Law was held meeting thematic round tables "My profession - Programmer". The event was held with the active participation of representatives of the Faculty of Mathematics.
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26.02.2015 15:27

Students of the Faculty of Management will study the peculiarities of cultural projects

Today, as part of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Local Development of the Faculty of Management "My Business" held its first organizational meeting of the creative direction of management of Zaporizhzhya students of the faculty. It was about creating a new specialization in the framework activities of the Centre - namely, cultural management and creative management.
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26.02.2015 15:22

At the ZNU summarized financial activities of the university for the last year

Yesterday, February 24 , at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University General Accountant of ZNU Vasyl Tymoshyk presented a report about the financial statement of our university in 2014 and cost estimates for 2015. Vasyl Tymoshyk make an attention on income from additional educational services, flexible pricing politics of ZNU, expenditures in payment for communal services and repairs etc.
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25.02.2015 12:40

Students of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology – among the winners of the interregional contest of professional readers in the name of Lesia Ukrainka

February 23 on the scene of Dnipropetrovsk Theatre and Art College held Interregional contest of professional readers in the name of Lesia Ukrainka and Ukrainian contest of modern poetry. Among the participants were students of the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology (of speciality "Acting") of Zaporizhzhya National University. They are with dignity represented at the event our university, took prize-winning places
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25.02.2015 12:33
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