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Hundreds of pupils and their parents have learnt about the innovations in Ukrainian Enrollment tests in 2016 due to ZNU

The topic “Innovations in Ukrainian Enrollment tests in 2016” was demonstrated in the towns Orikhov and Pology to the pupils by some professors from the University. They were: Yuliya Paskevska, Damir Bikulov, Larysa Fedorenko, Oleg Bondarenko and Stanislav Cherkasov. Nearly 100 guestd were participating in this event.
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29.02.2016 16:09

The international certificates PTE and LCCI have been presented at Zaporizhzhya National University, including the training with the professors of English Studies

On February, 25 the presentation of new international certificates PTE General (Pearson Test Of English, that can find out a person`s level of English language from A1 to C2) and LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, that can find out the level of language knowledge in the narrow field). The organizers of this demonstration were the runner of the Language Center at ZNU Nataliya Kostenko, the runner of lingua center “Yevroknyga” (“Eurobook”) Svitlana Nikonenko and the guest from the educational center PEARSON-DINTERNAL Robert Heartigan.
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29.02.2016 11:08

Regular classes happened at the “University of Future Judicial”

On February, 28 professors from the Judicial Department of ZNU met with future judiciary staff.
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29.02.2016 10:57

Professors from Molylianska Academy of Journalism have told ZNU students about the work with the facts and the fight with the fakes

On February, 28 students had training with the professors of Mogylianska Academy of Journalism Mykhaylo Koltsov and Roman Kolgushev about the project
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29.02.2016 09:32

Participants of the literature studio named after Maryna Bratsylo have met with the writer Viktoriya Syrovatka

On February, 25 the participants of the literature studio have met with Viktoriya Syrovatka, Zaporizhzhya writer.
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29.02.2016 09:14

Students of ZNU visited the editorial office of the newspaper "Zaporizhzhya Truth"

Future journalists of Zaporizhzhya National University met with the Deputy editor-in-chief Mykola Mykhailov and editor of the Department of social problems Pylyp Yuryk. Young people asked questions about the Stages of newspaper editorial politics and commercial part of the publication.
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26.02.2016 13:49

ZNU is taking care about the financial support and adaptation of students

Today more than 150 students from different categories are studying at the University. These are students who are growing up without parents. And nearly 100 ones are on the funding form and get a scholarship. These students are paid attention most of all on all the departments of the University.
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26.02.2016 13:48

Discussion club session «Modern reading of Lesya Ukrayinka`s drama» held at the Department of Philology

Today professors and students were celebrating 145th year from the birth of Lesya Ukrayinka. This organization has been prepared by the professor of the Philology Department Lyubov Kostetska. It was invited also by other professors, 3-year students and masters of this department.
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26.02.2016 11:50

The realization of Learning Language Conception has been concluded

On the meeting of professors at the University the Department Chairman at the Foreign Language Department Stanislav Ivanenko has told about the Concept of Learning Languages and why students need that. It was given on the pending in 2013. Its aim is to teach students of all the professions to be ready to the international communication and self-development in informational communication environment to feel free.
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26.02.2016 09:19

Students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU took part in the All-Ukrainian Law School on Civil Law and Justice

20-On 21st of February in Lviv, on the basis of the Faculty of Law of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv held VIII All-Ukrainian Law School on Civil Law and Justice. Participants from all over Ukraine listened qualified experts and researchers in one of the most promising areas of law. At the event attended representatives of the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University Ivan Shumeiko, Vladyslav Bandrovskyi and Olha Popova.
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23.02.2016 11:21
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