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Scientific-Practical conference «The Prospects of implementation of the international standards of financial accounting in Ukraine»

On the Economic Faculty in the framework of the celebration of its 15-th anniversary, the scientific-practical conference «Problems of implementation of international standards financial accounting» passed, arranged by the chair of accounting and audit.
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07.12.2006 17:20

The literary evening of Maryna Bratsylo

In Zaporizhzhya National University the literary evening of Maryna Bratsylo, the well-known Zaporizhzya poetess, the member of the Ukrainian Writers’ Union, graduate of the Philological Faculty of ZNU, dedicated to her 30-th anniversary and to 15-annual jubilee of her creative activity. It was the Philological Faculty on head with its dean, associate professor Tamara Khomyak, that organized this meeting.
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07.12.2006 17:11

The creative meeting of Volodymyr Suprunenko with students of ZNU

In Zaporizhzhya National University the creative meeting of well-known journalist, photoartist, writer, ethnographer of Zaporizhzhya region Volodymyr Suprunenko with students and lecturers of the Faculty of Journalism. The organizers of this meeting were the administration of our University and the pedagogical staff of this faculty on head with its dean, professor Volodymyr Manakin.
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07.12.2006 17:10
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