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Seminar Lasts: Educational Lectures

According to the EU Politics in Ukrainian Informational Space seminar survey its participants don't know much about the EU and its institutions. That is why the lectures, discussions, and trainings became very useful for journalism students and Zaporizhzhya media representatives.
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31.05.2011 20:49

EU Politics in Ukrainian Informational Space Seminar in ZNU

On May 30 the seminar devoted to the EU politics in Ukraine aimed to the Ukrainian journalists and the Journalism Department' students started in Zaporizhzhya National University. The Ukrainian and European experts shared their thoughts about the European integration of Ukraine.
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31.05.2011 20:16

New Traditions of Economic Department

It's the second time the Economic Department's alumni meet. This meeting became the new department's tradition. This year is the 20th anniversary of the department. The teachers, students and alumni met in the concert hall of the 2nd building to celebrate this event.
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31.05.2011 19:49

Post-Graduate Department Congratulates!

The Post-Graduate Department congratulates LILIYA OLEGIVNA KALUZZHSKA and NATALIYA MYKOLAIVNA KOVALENKO with the candidate dissertation defending!
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31.05.2011 19:37

Intellectual Property Seminar in ZNU

On May 26-27 there was being held the seminar «Contract about Patent Cooperation and Madrid System of International Trademarks Registration» in ZNU.
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31.05.2011 19:23

Post-Graduate Department Congratulates!

The Post-Graduate Department congratulates
NATALIYA GENNADIIVNA KABERLE with the candidate dissertation defending!
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26.05.2011 11:58

Prof. Vitaliy Shevchenko Awarded With Verkhovna Rada Certificate

The Head of the Chair of the Theory of Literature and Journalism Dr. of Philological Sci., Prof. Vitaliy Shevchenko was awarded with the Certificate of Verkhovna Rada and a medal "For Great Service to Ukrainian People".
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26.05.2011 11:51

Lesya Sakada-Ostrovska Visited Journalist Department

Lesya Sakada-Ostrovska is one of the Ukrainian TV stars among TV reporters, who created a lot of interesting cultural presentations at «1+1» Channel.
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26.05.2011 11:43

Law Students Give Free Juridical Help

On May 21 the Law students along with other ZNU students celebrated the Europe Day. During the department presentation the guests could not only become familiar with the literature about the European community, but also get free juridical help given by the students.
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26.05.2011 11:37

Yurii Scherbak's Novel Presented to ZNU Students

In ZNU the end of the academic year appeared to be very rich on interesting meetings with the famous writes. Some of them are ZNU alumni well known all over Ukraine. Our alumnus famous writer and journalist Pavlo Volvach and the representatives of the Publishing House "Yaroslaviv Val" came from Kyiv to ZNU to present the new book.
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26.05.2011 11:00
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