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ZNU sportsmen came off with flying colours again

January 27-28, the official Olympic season has been opened at sports arena of Zaporizhstal Metallurgy Works. About 700 of the experienced athletes across all the regions in Ukraine have been engaged in competition within the framework of the Indoor Cups of Ukraine in athletics and all-round events. Zaporizhzhya sportsmen including undergraduate and graduate students of Zaporizhzhya National University have shown rather high scores.
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30.01.2012 15:08

Zaporizhzhya students' community celebrates the holiday together with the mayor

January, 25 student active body across all the higher education institutions in Zaporizhzhya has gathered in Tetianyn Den (Tetiana’s Day) student coffee house, to celebrate Student Day and Tetiana's Day. The event, planned and organized by the Department of education and science, youth and sports, Municipal Council, Centre for after-class and student affairs, Student Council (ZNU), Department for educational affairs (ZNU), was visited by students, teachers and its special guests.
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27.01.2012 15:52

Student Day Congratulations

Congratulations to students of Zaporizhzhya National University and the whole student community!
All of us embody ex- , current or would-be students, which is the reason why the holiday is not limited by age and national identity, but weaves together representatives of a single students community.
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25.01.2012 11:27

Scientific papers in Biological Sciences approved and selected for round 2 of Ukrainian Students Scientific Papers Contest

This year Biology Faculty, ZNU has been selected to host Ukrainian Students Scientific Papers Contest in Biological Sciences. Applications for experimental papers from undergraduate students across Ukrainian higher education institutions were accepted till January 20, 2012.
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25.01.2012 10:08

Congratulations from Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral studies

Warm congratulations to MARIA KORNET and MARIUTSA OMELIANENKO on the occasion of their successful defence of Ph.D. dissertations
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24.01.2012 11:39

The subsequent session of “Young Physicist School” held at the Faculty of Physics

January, 19 school students from Energodar, a small town in Zaporizhzhya region, have visited ZNU for the next session of Young Physicist School, established last year at the Faculty of Physics with the assistance of Research and Methodological Centre under Administration for Education of Municipal Council (Energodar), Teaching and Education Complex # 5 and “Harmonia”, multi-disciplinary gymnasium.
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24.01.2012 11:23

January, 22 – National Unity of Ukraine Day

The holiday celebrated annually to commemorate the day when the Act on reunification of Ukrainian People’s Republic with West Ukrainian People’s Republic has been declared on January 22, 1919 at Sofiyivska square, Kyiv. Unity Day has been introduced for official celebration in 1999.
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23.01.2012 11:35

Patriotism as a factor of Ukraine’s unity. Round table discussion

A round table on Patriotism as a factor of Ukraine’s unity was held in Regional Council, Zaporizhzhya dedicated to Ukraine’s Unity Day. The event has been organised and carried out by Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration (ZNU), Regional Centre for patriotic education of youth, Regional Institute for Postgraduate Teaching Education (Zaporizhzhya), and with the assistance of Permanent Commission for Humanitarian Affairs at Regional Council (Zaporizhzhya).
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23.01.2012 11:17

Russian linguists congratulating their colleague on her anniversary

It was in 1983 when a student Ludmila Boyko graduated from Faculty of Philology (then State Pedagogic Institute, Zaporizhzhya). She has dedicated many years to her school work, teaching young children Ukrainian language and literature, instilling love to Ukrainian culture, respect to national heritage, care for and tolerance to people, developing and shaping an aesthetic sensitivity.
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20.01.2012 11:01

Presentation of a new book by Andriy Avdeyenko held in ZNU

“Ukraina – Rus’ Ariyska” (Ukraine – Aryan Rus) – a brand-new volume by Andriy Avdeyenko, Doctor of economic sciences, associate fellow of Junior Academy of Sciences has been introduced to general public in Zaporizhzhya National University. The book follows two previous editions on the prehistory of Ukraine. The first two works “Pravda Ruska” (Russian Truth) and “Litso Derzhavy” (The State’s Face) have already gained wide recognition and popularity.
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19.01.2012 23:25
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