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Scientific publications of the Associate Professor from the Faculty of Foreign Philology on the Library register list at Yale University (the U.S.A.)

The Department of Theory and Practice of Translation and Interpretation Assoc. Prof. Rusudan Makhachashvili has her scientific endeavours on the Yale University Library Register list
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27.03.2012 00:36

ZNU students have discussed problematic issues and prospects of European integration

March 1, Scientific Library (ZNU), a conference on “Association Agreement: value that might be lost” with the participation of representatives from “Centre for European Integration”, NGOs and youth organisations, students of HEIs in Zaporizhzhya
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05.03.2012 16:53

Oles Berdnyk’s “Eternal Source” book presentation

Presentation of a new 85th anniversary edition of Oles Berdnyk’s “Eternal Source”, autobiography work within the framework of “Zoriana Ukraina” Oles Berdnyk’s International Arts Charity Festival held in ZNU
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03.03.2012 10:38

Workshop in crafting 'motanka’ doll by Valentyna Berdnyk-Sokorynska

Valentyna Berdnyk-Sokorynska, a renowned crafts master in making dolls, ideas leader for “Ukrainian Spiritual Republic” NGO giving master class in ZNU on crafting ‘motanka’ doll under “Ethnic sources of Ukrainian culture and modernity”
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03.03.2012 09:10
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