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ZNU Representatives Took Part in a Rally Dedicated to the Day of Partisan Glory

September 21, on the eve of the Day of Partisan Glory celebration, near the restored monument of partisan group «Revcom», which is located next to ZNU academic building VIII, the solemn rally will take place in order to honor the memory of partisan movement during World War II. ZNU representatives participating for the second time in such event.

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21.09.2012 12:53

Congratulations from the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies!

The Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies congratulate Nina Antonenko and Evgenia Barmina on their successful Ph.D.c. thesis defense.
- Antonenko N. (September 20, 2012; specialization 01.02.04 – Mechanics of Deformable Solids, scientific adviser – Velichko I.) ;
- Barmina E. (September 19, 2012; specialization 10.02.16 – Translation/Interpretation, scientific adviser – Ovsyannikov V.)
The Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies
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21.09.2012 12:30

ZNU Students Celebrated the International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace at ZNU were celebrated with traditional musical break and bright flash mob dance. During the break the organizer of the event – ZNU Center of the Cultural work invited students and lecturers to join to the world community and support the preservation of world peace.

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21.09.2012 12:08
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