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ZNU Law Students Modeled Impeachment of a U.S. President

December 4, the expanded seminar took place in ZNU Faculty of Law courtroom. Seminar's organizers - students of the group 3421-1. They have chosen the procedure of state's head removal with impeachment (the example of the application of the U.S. Constitution) as the form of "business game".
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06.12.2012 14:52

Students of ELC held presentation of the project “Together with M. Kotsubinskiy discover Hutsul land for ourselves”

Recently freshmen of Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhyan National University of “Finance and Credits” and “Organization of production” held presentation of searching project “Together with M. Kotsubinskiy discover Hutsul land for ourselves”.

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16.11.2012 11:40

Polish Teachers Read the Cycle of Lectures to Students of the Faculty of Economics

At ZNU Faculty of Economics within the program "Socio-Economic Problems in Modern Poland and Its Solutions" the working visit of the lecturers from University of Silesia (Poland) continues. From 19th till 29th September Dr. Claudio Salmeri MA Martin Markov read the lectures to students of II-III course (International Economics Specialization).
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20.09.2012 09:35

Visit by French publisher to the Faculty of Foreign Philology

Representative of French publishing house ‘Hachette’ and teacher of French Olivier Martin attends the Faculty of Foreign Philology. ‘Hachette’ is specializing in publishing course books for all proficiency levels in French as a foreign language.
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10.02.2012 10:11
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