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Scheduled Workshop for Biology Teachers Took Place at ZNU

Today ZNU Biology Faculty attended schools in Zaporizhzhya. Methodological and educational seminars which is held by our lecturers become a tradition.
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07.12.2012 14:00

ZNU Law Students Modeled Impeachment of a U.S. President

December 4, the expanded seminar took place in ZNU Faculty of Law courtroom. Seminar's organizers - students of the group 3421-1. They have chosen the procedure of state's head removal with impeachment (the example of the application of the U.S. Constitution) as the form of "business game".
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06.12.2012 14:52

International Workshop Dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Professor Vitaliy Perepelitsya

October 11-13, the International Workshop on "Discrete Mathematics and its Application in Economic and Mathematical Modeling, Information Technology" was held at ZNU. The event was attended by the scientists from 20 universities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and the United Kingdom. They gathered in order not only to discuss the actual problems of discrete mathematics, but also to congratulate Professor of Economic Cybernetics Vitaliy Perepelitsya on his 75th anniversary.
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11.10.2012 16:02

Workshop for Zaporizhzhya Teachers Continues at the Faculty of Biology

Today another seminar for biology and chemistry teachers from Zaporizhzhyan region was held at ZNU Faculty of Biology. Senior lecturer from the Department of Didactics and Methods of Teaching Natural and Mathematical Courses (Regional Institute for Postgraduate Pedagogic Education) S. Dekhtiarenko highlighted the issues of the didactic learning process on natural sciences and the importance of interaction between teachers and scholars aimed at achieving mutual goal – shaping school students’ personality ready for all challenges of modern society.
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03.10.2012 16:11

The First Knowledge Assessment Seminar at the Faculty of Foreign Philology

On the eve of new academic year at the Department of Romance Philology and Translation of the Faculty of Foreign Philology the scientific-methodical seminar on problems of knowledge assessment and the communication skills of students studying French as a foreign language was held in ZNU.
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04.09.2012 14:54
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