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Regional stage of the Taras Shevchenko International Language and Literature Competition Took Place in ZNU

December 13, the 3-rd stage of the Taras Shevchenko International Language and Literature Competition held in ZNU.
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13.12.2012 16:08

Zaporizhzhya Writers met ZNU Students-philologist at the Roudtable

December 8, ZNU Faculty of Philology held the roundtable on "Creativity as Miracle Made Phenomena: A Modern View of the Nature and Purpose of Art". It was attended by artistic circles of Zaporizhzhya, ZNU lecturers and students.
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10.12.2012 12:56

ZNU Rector Mykola Frolov Held Meeting with Philology Faculty's Staff

December 7, ZNU Rector, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences Mykola Frolov held the meeting with the labor collective of the Faculty of Philology. It is the fourth meeting with the Faculty for the Rector.
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07.12.2012 14:04

Regional Stage of Petro Jacyk International Ukrainian Language Competition Took Place at ZNU

Today the regional stage of Petro Jacyk International Ukrainian Language Competition took place at ZNU Faculty of Philology, where the students from universities of Zaporizhzhya region participated.

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06.12.2012 14:32

“What? Where? When?” on the Philological Faculty

November 16 Philological Faculty of Zaporizhzhyan National University held intellectual game “What? Where? When?”.

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19.11.2012 10:40

Creative evening for the 75th anniversary of Igor Kupriyanov

Yesterday at Zaporizhzhya National University held the solemn greetings of the famous literary critic and member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, Professor Igor Kupriyanov on the occasion of his 75th anniversary. Difficult but interesting life of Igor Terentiyovych closely associated with Zaporizhzhya National University, where he trained a generation of students. Many years the hero of the occasion devoted to teaching work at the Department of Foreign Literature, Ukrainian studies.

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01.11.2012 11:57

Professor Vitaliy Shevchenko's 75-th Anniversary Celebration

Celebration to mark 75th anniversary of the Head of ZNU Department of Social Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Dr. of Philological Sci., Prof. Vitaliy Shevchenko gatered not only lecturers of the Philological Faculty and Faculty of Journalism, where he has been working for a long time. The representatives of University Administration, The Faculties of Foreign Philololgy, History and Physics, community organizations, and people are well-known far beyond the borders of our city — friends of Vitaliy Fedorovich.

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10.10.2012 16:29

Presentation of the Book "Beginning Of Our Years" by Oleksiy Murach at the Philological Faculty

October 2, the presentation of the book «Beginning Of Our Years» by Zaporizhian poet and journalist Oleksiy Murach, who died tragically in 1973, chaired by the head of the Department of Russian Philology, Professor Irina Pavlenko, took place at the Faculty of Philology. 

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08.10.2012 15:48

Marina Tsvetaeva 120th Anniversary at ZNU

The dramatic performance "My Tsvetaeva" dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the outstanding Russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva were prepared at ZNU. This event became a part the first International Marina Tsvetaeva Festival "Fire Formula", which took place in Zaporizhzhya from 4 till 7 October.
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08.10.2012 12:07

Victor Chabanenko: "Life's my teacher"

At ZNU the distinguished pedagogue, talented scientist and sincere man, Professor Viktor Antonovich Chabanenko was greeted on his anniversary!
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28.09.2012 17:04
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