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Faculty of Law Students held "business game" with the constitutional law of Ukraine

February 26 in the second year Law School Zaporizhzhya National University was expanded training in the form of "business game", organized by students, members of the Scientific Society of undergraduate and postgraduate Students. Conducted west Chair of Constitutional and Labour Law Faculty Anna Zhuravleva and senior lecturer Nikolai Martynov.
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26.02.2013 16:38

Law students debating on Data Protection Legislation

Today the students of the 4st year of studies and the master’s degree students of the Law faculty attended a lecture given by the experts in Data Protection law: Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of management in the Internal affairs bodies (within National Academy of Internal Affairs) Volodymyr Lipkan and the PhD in Law, head of the Research department of theory and history of Data Protection Law of Scientific Research Centre of information sciences legislation (within National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine) Vitaliy Tsimbalyuk.

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26.02.2013 16:18

The Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Andriy Kuts participated in a discussion club of the Law Faculty

Innovative methods of education have become a common thing on the Faculty of Law. Students are given issue-related lectures, workshops, debates, round table discussions etc. And on February 26 the Faculty hosted a discussion club with the participation of the Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Andriy Kuts. The Law students of the 2nd and 3rd years took part in the event.

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26.02.2013 16:12

The International Association ‘French Without Borders’ representatives visited the Faculty of Foreign Philology

February 26th – The Faculty of Foreign Philology of ZNU welcomed the representatives of the ‘French Without Borders’ international association: the President Benjamin Beckner and the lecturers Lydia Cuffer and Gavin Suzerland. It is the third time the association delegates visit our University.

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26.02.2013 11:42

The students of the Law Faculty were given a lecture on the current issues of Tax Legislation

On the 26th of February the Law Faculty was visited by a Doctor of Law, the head of the research staff of the Scientific Research Centre on Tax issues (within National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine), the head of the Research Department for Counteraction of Tax violation Andriy Novytskiy. Mr Novytskiy gave a lecture to the students of the 2nd year of studies.

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26.02.2013 11:31
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