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Athletes of the ZNU College of Economics and Law won victories at the international, All-Ukrainian and regional competitions

At the beginning of March in Fudzheyr (United Arab Emirates) took place the     Tae Kwon Do World Cup class G 1. There were representatives of the 250th country of the world. Ukraine national team included ІІ course students Vladislav Yarmachek (the master of sports of Ukraine from Tae Kwon Do) Vladislav Yarmachek (the Ukraine master of sports from Tae Kwon Do) and Maxim Dominishin (the Ukraine World-class athlete from Tae Kwon Do) from Physical training of the ZNU College of Economics and Law. Guys worthy presented the country at competitions - Vladislav Yarmachek took ІІ a place in individual competitions, and t Ukraine national team from Tae Kwon Do took ІІ an all-command place.

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21.03.2013 10:55
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