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ZNU took part in the "Day of Future student" in Energodar

November 16 in Energodar held the annual vocational event "Day of future student". The event was organized by the Scientific and Methodological Center Department of Education of Energodar City Council of Zaporizhzhya region. Among the participants were representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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19.11.2013 15:29

Zaporizhzhya National University received the Grand Prix of International Exhibition "Education and Career - Students Day 2013"

During 14-16 November at the National Center for business and cultural cooperation "Ukrainian House" (Kyiv) held the International Exhibition "Education and Career - Students Day 2013" and exhibition of foreign educational institutions "Education abroad". Among the universities participating in the exhibition event has traditionally been represented Zaporizhzhya National University.
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14.11.2013 15:25

Held the final stage of the All-Ukrainian exhibition of youth newspapers publications "Youth accent 2013"

Representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University - Acting assistant of the Rector for public relations and Mass Media Galyna Mykytiv, editor of regional academic newspaper "Zaporizhzhya University" Tamila Tarasenko and editorial specialist Olena Khlystun - took part in the final days of the VIII exhibition of youth newspapers publications "Youth accent 2013".
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08.11.2013 13:00

Zaporizhzhya National University among members of the specialized exhibition "Entrant-2014"

November 7 indoors exhibition complex "Kozak Palace" was opened exhibition "Education Fair". Within the framework of this event were interregional specialized exhibition "Entrant-2014", which was carried out in Zaporizhzhya already in fifteenth, "Study Abroad", which carried out third time, and "Career Day", during which there was a meeting of potential employers of the region with all those wishing to find or change their work.
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08.11.2013 10:11

Representatives of ZNU took part in the inauguration of VIII All-Ukrainian exhibition of youth newspapers publications "Youth accent 2013"

5-7 November in Zaporizhzhya held VIII All-Ukrainian exhibition of youth newspapers publications "Youth accent 2013". This year's grand opening event held on the basis of Zaporizhzhya Regional Youth Center, was attended by 50 teams of schools, universities and youth publications from all over Ukraine. Other mass media representatives of higher educational institutions - the editorial staff of regional academic newspaper "Zaporizhzhya University" (ZNU).
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06.11.2013 10:48

FNR Ambassador in Ukraine Christoph Vayl attended the opening of the exhibition devoted to Berlin rebellion

October 8 at the first academic building of Zaporizhzhya National University held solemn opening ceremony of the exhibition "We want to be free people! The popular uprising in the GDR June 17, 1953" dedicated to the events of massive anti-government popular uprisings in the GDR, which are called "Berlin rebellion". Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Federal FNR in Ukraine Christoph Vayl and General Consul of FNR in Donetsk Detlef Voltaire during their visit to Zaporizhzhya National University took part in solemn opening of the exhibition.
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08.10.2013 16:23

Zaporizhzhya National University - participant of the exhibition "Energy - 2013" and of the IIIrd International Energy Forum

From 11 to 14 September in Odessa, at the exhibition center "Kozak Palace" held X specialized exhibition of energy technologies, industrial electronics and electrical engineering "Energy 2013" and the IIIrd International Energy Forum.
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18.09.2013 14:05

In ZNU Scientific Library opened the exhibition of paintings Roerichs family representatives

September 14 in the Scientific Library of Zaporizhzhya National University was opened art exhibitions of Nicholas and Svyatoslav Roerichs. Exposure paintings of these artists in our university held as a part of Zaporizhzhya Roerichs Society.
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17.09.2013 11:07

In ZNU held book exhibition "Introduction to the specialty"

To the new academic year staff of Zaporizhzhya National University Scientific Library prepared books and informative exhibition of scientific and technical literature "Introduction to the specialty" in all specializations of educational qualification level "Bachelor".
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12.09.2013 10:47
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