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Students of the Faculty of History visited the museum of Jewish history and the Holocaust

In late October, students of the Faculty of History of ZNU visited the world's largest Jewish center "Menorah" which occupies three floors of the Museum of Jewish history and the Holocaust in Ukraine. This interesting format studying of the history was implemented on the initiative of Ph.D. in History, professor Alexander Davletov.
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01.11.2013 10:06

ZNU Faculty of Physics Students Visited "Tokmak Solar Energy" Solar Power Station

May 30, the students of the 1-2 courses of ZNU Faculty of Physics visited "Tokmak Solar Energy" Solar Power Station, which is build not far from the village Nove of the Tokmak district (Zaporizhzhya region). The purpose of this trip - to familiarize students with alternative technologies of the electric energy production. The event was supported by "Tokmak Solar Energy".
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30.05.2013 15:02

ZNU Students Visited Kiev on the eve of Victory Day

A group of students ZNU - about 80 people from the legal, historical, biological, and physical faculties of Economics and Law College ZNU led by a senior lecturer at the Department of Constitutional and Labour Law Nikolai Martynov - visited Kiev. The purpose of the trip was a visual reinforcement of knowledge obtained during the learning process, and patriotic education of youth.

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30.04.2013 13:04

Students Faculty of Law Students visited the Museum of Aviation Plant "Motor Sich"

March 27 students of the Faculty Students visited the Museum of Aviation Plant "Motor Sich". Tour organized Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law Nikolai Martynov.
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28.03.2013 11:36
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