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Day of workers of archival institutions celebrated in the Historical Faculty of ZNU

December 24 at the Historical Faculty held a traditional celebration of the Day of workers of archival institutions. Organizers of the festival were the students of the specialty "Archives Studies" and the teachers of the Department of Source Studies, Historiography and Special Historical Courses.
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25.12.2013 16:54

New Year's miracle - at the Economics Faculty of ZNU

December 25 at the Economics Faculty held celebration of the upcoming New Year's holidays. Event organizers - Economics Faculty students with the assistance of the deanery.
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25.12.2013 12:38

At the Faculty of Law was opened a Christmas tree

December 19, on the St. Nicholas Day, at the Law Faculty of ZNU was opened a Christmas tree. The event gathered many students and teachers.
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23.12.2013 11:05

The Faculty of Economics to St. Nicholas's Day organized an unusual contest

December 19 in honor of St. Nicholas Day, Students' Council of Economics Faculty of ZNU organized for students an unusual unbeaten lottery in the form of bowling.
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20.12.2013 12:00

Philological Faculty students of ZNU organized a performance

December 19 at the 2nd academic building of Zaporizhzhya National University, Philological Faculty students held a traditional theatrical performance.
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20.12.2013 11:57

In ZNU held the opening of university Christmas Tree

December 19, on the Day of St. Nicholas in Zaporizhzhya National University was solemnly opened the Christmas tree. The event was organized by representatives of the Department of Educational Work, the Center of Cultural Work and Administrative Department with the support of the administration of our university. They took care to turn the discovery into a real unforgettable show, which would provide Christmas mood for teachers and students of ZNU for all the winter holidays.
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20.12.2013 10:45

Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology celebrated its 22th anniversary

December 18 Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of Zaporizhzhya National University, celebrated its 22th birthday. Talented students of the Faculty of SPP prepared a gala concert dedicated to this event. The hosts of celebration were the 5th year students of the specialty "Dramatic Art" Lyudmila Usenko and Taras Avramets.
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19.12.2013 10:40

At the Faculty of Economics of ZNU held a concert for the International Students' Day

November 18 lecturers of the Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University for their students organized and conducted a concert dedicated to the International Students' Day.
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19.11.2013 10:05

Representatives of ZNU took part in the meeting marking the 70th anniversary of Zaporizhzhya liberation from fascist occupation

October 10 near the monument to Tank Crew of the Hero of Soviet Union Mykola Yatsenko, held a meeting to 70 anniversary of the liberation of Zaporizhzhya from fascist occupation. The ceremony was attended by representatives of local and regional administration, members of Union veterans, members of institutions, enterprises and organizations of Zhovtnevyi district, teachers, students and pupils of regional educational institutions. Zaporizhzhya National University was represented at the meeting First Vice-Rector Oleksandr Bondar, Vice-Rector for Educational Research and Academic Affairs Nataliya Grozovska, teachers and students of our university.
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10.10.2013 16:48

At the Faculty of Law of ZNU celebrated professional holiday - Day of lawyer

October 8 students and teachers of the Law Faculty of ZNU celebrated Day of lawyer. The special that day was for freshmen, it's - their first festival, which is connected with the future profession.
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09.10.2013 09:44
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