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In ZNU held a meeting of Charity Foundation "Spodivannya" (Hope) representatives with students

11 December in the 3rd hostel of Zaporizhzhya National University students met with representatives of the Charity Foundation "Spodivannya" (Hope) Alesya Boluta and Eduard Satsky. Organizers of the event, in addition to representatives of the fund, also performed by specialists of the Department of educational work and activists of Student Council ZNU.
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12.12.2013 13:43

In ZNU held a conference "EduConference 2013", focusing on the challenges of Zaporizhzhya's youth employment

December 7-8 on the basis of ZNU held educational conference "EduConference 2013" for students of 4th-5th years and graduates from universities of our city. Event was organized by international youth organization «AIESEC», among the partners of the conference - Zaporizhzhya National University.
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09.12.2013 10:22

At the Faculty of Economics held an event for World AIDS Day

December 2 in 5th academic building of ZNU conducted an action dedicated to the World AIDS Day. Participating in the event were first-year students of Economics Faculty. Organizers of the campaign were activists of Student Council of the Faculty.
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04.12.2013 10:28

In ZNU under the campaign "Against drugs!" was screened film

During this week in Zaporizhzhya National University held a series of events organized by the Student Council of our university, to support long-term campaign "Against drugs!". Among other things, November 28, activists of the Student Council supported by the Center of cultural and mass work in the hall of 2nd academic building of ZNU showed Oscar-winning film directed by Danny Boyle's "Trainspotting."
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29.11.2013 11:19

In ZNU students held a public seminar "Tell violence, "STOP!""

November 25 Zaporizhzhya National University held a public seminar on "Tell violence, "STOP!"", organized by the head of the student council of the biological faculty Anna Yuhrina and student of the Faculty of Mathematics, member of the conversational genre studio "STEM-MS" Center of cultural and mass work Mykola Kopylovsky.
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26.11.2013 15:23

In ZNU started campaign "Against drugs!"

In Zaporizhzhya National University started campaign "Against drugs!", organized by the Student Council of the University. The first event held within the training for volunteers "Drugs: causes and consequences. Prevention of HIV", held on 25 November at our university.
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26.11.2013 12:10

Students of ZNU held a roundtable discussion on international development vectors of Ukraine

22 November in ZNU held a student forum dedicated to discussing topics "Association Agreement with the EU". Their "for" and "against" on the two possible vectors development of Ukraine in terms of history, economics, law and political science during the event expressed not only ZNU students, but also representatives of other universities of Zaporizhzhya. Organizers of the forum - Student Council of ZNU, moderated the roundtable discussion the deputy head of student council on information issues Olga Lebedeva.
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25.11.2013 11:46

In ZNU determined the winners of the university stage of the contest "Student of the Year 2013"

October 29 at Zaporizhzhya National meeting of the University Committee on the winners of the university stage of the contest "Student of the Year 2013".
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30.10.2013 11:43

At the Faculty of Biology of ZNU was held initiation of freshmen to students

At the Faculty of Biology of Zaporizhzhya National University held a solemn initiation of freshmen. Event was organized by activists of Student Council of the Faculty.
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02.10.2013 16:13

Charity evening "Save a Life" from The Student Government of ZNU

On 16 of June, charitable evening “We will save life” took place in support of Rosa Mamedova - the student of first course of foreign philology faculty of ZNU which is seriously ill. This event was organized by The Student Government of ZNU and supported by The Cultural-Mass work Center of ZNU. 

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17.06.2013 14:37
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