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Another scientific workshop was held at the Faculty of Economics of ZNU

April 25 at the initiative of the Ph.D. in Economics, assistant professor of Accounting and Audit Department Svitlany Saienko held scientific and practical workshop "Evaluation and use of foreign and national experience of shaping tax policy of Ukraine". The event was organized by representatives of the Department of Accounting and Audit of regional representation in Zaporizhzhya region "Balance Club" and the State Tax Inspectorate of Zaporizhzhya.
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28.04.2014 13:55

At the Faculty of Economics was held a workshop attended by representatives of the Ministry of Revenue

Already become traditional activities carried out by specialists of the Ministry of Revenue for youth - future taxpayers.
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28.04.2014 10:40

Young scientists of the Faculty of Physics of ZNU held evening of astronomy

April 12 at Physical Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University, an evening of astronomy. Fans gathered at the science educational workshop, dedicated to the World Cosmonautics Day: on this day in 1961 astronaut Yuri Gagarin in spacecraft "Vostok" made ​​the world's first orbital circled the Earth, opening the era of manned space flight.
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14.04.2014 09:50
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