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ZNU has been created new Specialized Scientific Council

In order of MES of Ukraine № 1528 of 29.12.2014 ZNU has been created new Specialized Scientific Council К 17.051.09 with the right to review and in defence of a thesis for the degree of PhD in Pedagogic sciences of specialty 13.00.04 in «Theory and Methods of Professional Education».
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30.12.2014 10:34

For students of ELC conducted information and education training on social partnership as a factor in the development of local democracy

December 3 Economics and Law College of Zaporizhzhya National University visited Honorary President of the Regional Youth Ecological and Regional Studies Center "Svarog", Head of the Committee of Zaporizhzhya City Youth Council in Zaporizhzhya City Council, a graduate of our university Yurii Bilyi. Guest of honor held for students of "Social Work" specialty of ELC information and educational training "Social Partnership as a factor in the development of local democracy". The event was part of the Week of social work that is underway at the college.
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04.12.2014 08:23

Holiday of English phonetics combined freshmen and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

November 28 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages was held a regular holiday of English phonetics, which traditionally prepare 3rd year students within the discipline "Theoretical Phonetics". The event is for first-year students of the Faculty who teach the subject "Practical Phonetics".
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01.12.2014 12:26

At the Philological Faculty was conducted Music and Drama event dedicated to creativity of Dmytro Pavlychko

"Lead me, the right way..." - this name had a literary and musical composition, dedicated to the outstanding poet of our time Dmytro Pavlychko by November 19 held at the Faculty of Philology. Masters' students of specialty "Ukrainian language and literature" under the direction of associate professor of Ukrainian Literature Department Yulia Kushneryuk presented at the discretion of the audience her vision of the life and career of the famous national writer, translator and social activist whose influence on the development of modern Ukrainian culture can not be overemphasized.
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20.11.2014 10:14

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages Cinema Club resumed its work under the guidance of the lecturer from France, Jean-Luc Issle

At the Faculty of Foreign Languages Cinema Club resumed its work under the guidance of the lecturer of the Department of Romance Philology and Translation Jean-Luc Issle. In the regular meeting also took part trainee of the University of Maine (Le Mans, France) Kevin Dubois and teachers of both Departments where French is taught - Department of Romance Philology and Translation, in particular, its assistant Nadiia Povalikhina, and the Department of second foreign language of ZNU.
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19.11.2014 16:16

At the Law Faculty was held the brain-ring "Constitutional Law Experts"

November 7 Law Faculty students participated in the brain-ring "Constitutional Law Experts". The event was organized by the Department of Constitutional and Labour Law, Law Faculty's Students' Council and Zaporizhzhya Students League UBA Center. Judges of the contest were the Dean of the Faculty of Law Tetiana Kolomoiets and teachers Nataliia Verlos, Hanna Zhuravlova, Mykola Martynov.
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10.11.2014 09:40

Scientist Andrii Paziuk told ZNU students about ways of combating informational aggression

November 7 Zaporizhzhya National University visited D.Sc. in Philosophy, lecturer of the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National University named after Taras Shevchenko, graduate of our university Andrii Paziuk. During the meeting with students of the Faculties of History and Law as well as the Faculty of Journalism, national scientist was held lecture-presentation "Informational aggression and prospects of international law: "Ukraine against Russia"".
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07.11.2014 14:55

Renowned scientist Ivan Bekhta was held a lecture for the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages

October 30 famous Ukrainian scientist, D.Sc. in Philology, professor Ivan Bekhta was held a lecture on "Text and Discourse" for students of 4th-5th years of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of ZNU. Lectures, conducted in English, was organized at a high scientific level, have interactive and interdisciplinary character allowing students to understand the current concepts of text and discourse.
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31.10.2014 15:09

At the Philological Faculty was held an open lecture-debate about the origin of the Ukrainian language

The large-scale celebration of the Ukrainian literature has been for a long time a good tradition for the teaching staff and students of the Philological Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University. Thus, they seek to engage in numerous academic, cognitive and recreational activities and of other structural units of our university. Not an exception this year: October 28 in the 50th audience of the 1st academic building was held an open lecture-debate of the Head of the Department of the Ukrainian language, professor Petro Bilousenko devoted to the origin of the Ukrainian language.
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29.10.2014 10:30

Representatives of the Biological Faculty participated in the International Medical Congress

October 14-16 in Kyiv was held the 3rd International Medical Congress "Implementation of modern advances in medical science in the practice of health in Ukraine" and international medical forum "Innovations in medicine - health of the nation". During these events, continued the work of the Ukrainian School Lab. This year's workshops of laboratory schools were invited not only experts in the field of Laboratory diagnostics, but also university students of medical and biological specialties.
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23.10.2014 09:26
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