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Head of the Students' Council of the Faculty of Philology was sophomore Andrii Luchyshyn

November, 25 the conference was organized Students' Council of the Faculty of Philology, during which held a debate between candidates for the post of the head of Students' Council and elected head of the Faculty Students' Government. It was second-year student Andrii Luchyshyn.
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25.11.2014 15:53

At the Philological Faculty was conducted Music and Drama event dedicated to creativity of Dmytro Pavlychko

"Lead me, the right way..." - this name had a literary and musical composition, dedicated to the outstanding poet of our time Dmytro Pavlychko by November 19 held at the Faculty of Philology. Masters' students of specialty "Ukrainian language and literature" under the direction of associate professor of Ukrainian Literature Department Yulia Kushneryuk presented at the discretion of the audience her vision of the life and career of the famous national writer, translator and social activist whose influence on the development of modern Ukrainian culture can not be overemphasized.
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20.11.2014 10:14

Evening of Victor's Chabanenko commemoration "Human Life is tight terms" was held in Zaporizhzhya School

14 November in gymnasium 2 named after Lesia Ukrainian passed the commemorative evening of the famous Ukrainian linguist, professor, honored worker of science and technology, an academician of high school Victor Chabanenko. It organized and performed by students of Philological Faculty of ZNU, led by Dean Tamara Khomiak.
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14.11.2014 16:20

In ZNU writer Yevhen Polozhii presented his new novel "Fishy Children"

Creative meeting of the author with students and teachers of the Faculty of Philology held within his tour by Ukraine (Kharkiv-Simferopol-Kiev-Dnipropetrovsk). The moderator of the event was a graduate of ZNU, Zaporizhzhya writer, musician Valentyn Terletsky.
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14.11.2014 10:16

In ZNU was held a meeting in the School of philological sciences

One of the first meeting of this academic year, "School of philological sciences for teachers of Ukrainian language and literature, Russian language and world literature" has collected over hundreds of mid-level education. The event was organized jointly by the Philological Faculty of ZNU and Information-analytical Methodological Center of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Zaporizhzhya City Council.
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13.11.2014 14:01

In ZNU was held a literary-musical evening to the Day of Ukrainian Language and Literature

The result of a number of activities for the Day of Ukrainian language and literature, organized by the Faculty of Philology of ZNU, was a literary and musical evening on 11 November. The theme of this year's celebrations were chosen words of Volodymyr Sosiura "Language - is the soul of people, people without language - not people". It was organized by the Faculty of Philology and the Department of Ukrainian Studies involving teachers and students of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, the creative team of students circuit "Zaporizhzhya Specialized Boarding School of II-III degree "Sichovyi College", Zaporizhzhya Regional Council and Zaporizhzhya famous composer and singer Anatolii Serdiuk.
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11.11.2014 15:52

In ZNU celebrated the Bulgarian national holiday - Revival Day

November 1 is a special date for all residents in Bulgaria, as well as ethnic Bulgarians living in other countries. That day they solemnly celebrate important national holiday - Revival Day. So in this country called the activists of the national and cultural revival of the beginning and middle of the XIX century, when the country was still under Ottoman rule.
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03.11.2014 13:23

At the Philological Faculty congratulated anniversaries - Vitalii Shevchenko and Ihor Lipkevych

October 31 during a ceremonial meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Philology of ZNU, representatives of the administration and colleagues congratulated the honorable anniversaries - professor of Ukrainian Literature Department Vitalii Shevchenko (concerning a fortieth anniversary of his creative and educational activities) and associate professor of Ukrainian Language Department Ihor Lipkevych (55th anniversary of birthday).
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31.10.2014 15:10

At the Philological Faculty was held an open lecture-debate about the origin of the Ukrainian language

The large-scale celebration of the Ukrainian literature has been for a long time a good tradition for the teaching staff and students of the Philological Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University. Thus, they seek to engage in numerous academic, cognitive and recreational activities and of other structural units of our university. Not an exception this year: October 28 in the 50th audience of the 1st academic building was held an open lecture-debate of the Head of the Department of the Ukrainian language, professor Petro Bilousenko devoted to the origin of the Ukrainian language.
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29.10.2014 10:30

In ZNU discussed the impact of the works of Mikhail Lermontov on Ukrainian literature

2October 1 in Zaporizhzhya National University began a series of events marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of the world renowned poet and prose writer, classical Russian literature Mikhail Lermontov. Teachers and students of the Faculty of Philology decided to introduce all lovers of poetry, little known facet with the artist. So began the celebration of Lermontov and readings during which dealt with the Ukrainian motifs in his work, the influence of this poet in our literature and poetry revealed relationship with Mikhail Yurievich painting and music.
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22.10.2014 09:22
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