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In ZNU Mykola Frolov reported on the implementation of the Collective Agreement in 2015

December, 18 in Zaporizhzhya National University held the conference of staff members, during which Rector of ZNU, professor Mykola Frolov reported on the implementation of the Collective Agreement in 2015. At the event were attended 214 people – delegates of staff members of our university, representatives of departments, structural departments and the student government. Therefore, at the beginning of the event, the participants agreed that the conference available quorum. This means, that all decisions taken during its work, including the approval of the Rector's report and the recognition of his work during the year as satisfactory, – legitimate.
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21.12.2015 16:02

At ZNU updated regulations governing the educational process

Pursuant to the decision of scientific-methodical council of Zaporizhzhya National University and to streamline the regulatory framework of the educational process of ZNU according to the Law of Ukraine "On education" in our university held several meetings of working groups established to update the regulatory documents related to the educational process.
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01.10.2015 09:31

Students of ZNU adequately represented in the competition "Conscript - 2015"

On September 25 at a military town military unit No. 9-1978 was held the final stage of the regional military-sports competition for labor and students "Conscript 2015". Traditionally, the competition was attended by young men of Zaporizhzhya National University. This year they took the 4th place in the team event.
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28.09.2015 13:22

At ZNU discussed methodological aspects of the future civil protection training

On September 22 under the direction of First Vice-Rector Alexander Bondar ZNU conducted a special instructional and methodical employment of officials enrolled in the Object management training on "Organization, the procedure for preparing and holding an object of special exercises and training of civil defense". The event was held in pursuance of order of the Rector Mykola Frolov dated 28.08.2015, according to the comprehensive plan of the Object comprehensive training civil protection of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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23.09.2015 09:45

Vice-Rector for Science and Research Gennadiy Vasylchuk took part in All-Ukrainian discussing of higher education internationalization

On September 15 at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine was held a workshop on Internationalization of Ukrainian Higher Education. Organizers of the event were National Education of Ukraine and Erasmus + office in Ukraine. The workshop was attended by representatives of 44 leading universities from all regions of Ukraine. Our university was represented by Vice-Rector, Professor Gennadiy Vasylchuk.
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18.09.2015 13:19

In ZNU take care of comfortable working conditions for teachers and staff

When creating favorable conditions for the successful course of the learning process no trifles. It represents the opinion of management of the University in those cases when it comes to provision of teachers and staff while maintaining them all necessary office equipment in working order.
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17.09.2015 10:19

Art show of beauty and talent will continue this academic year

In Zaporizhzhya National University attaches great importance to the organization of student entertainment, it is no wasted years of study at the university find the best in each person's life. During this time, young people are not only gaining solid knowledge and taking the first steps towards a successful career. While studying in high school students find friends and associates, reveal and improve their creativity, participate in various artistic events.
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16.09.2015 13:43

At ZNU discussed new features of the job placement for alumni

June 26, at Zaporizhzhya National University held business meeting representatives of the administration and faculties concerning on important issues related with job placement of alumni of our university. The event was attended by Vice-Rector for Educational Research and Academic Affairs Oleksandr Hura, Head of the Office of Pre-University training, career guidance and job placement Yuliia Paskevska and Deputy Deans of career guidance of all faculties of ZNU.
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30.06.2015 14:34

The achievements of ZNU scientists - the world's treasury of scientific thought

Today, in May 29, at Zaporizhzhya National University is held celebrations dedicated to the Day of Science. During the festivities the best scientists of our university, as already known scientists and those just beginning to build their academic career, - the award-winning regional and city authorities and the leadership of the university. The event is attended by special guests: Deputy Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration Eduard Huhnin and Zaporizhzhya Mayor Oleksandr Sin. Also during the festival celebrated the winners of the university contest "The Best Scientist of the Year".
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29.05.2015 17:26

Roses from the Faculty of Law – for Zaporizhzhya National University

Teachers and students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU considered that the the University was not only a place of work or study, but it is their second home So that, they making a great efforts to equip and decorate the student place. In particular, a lot of attention they pay to care for native flower bed near their educational building № 5. In this year theу set 500 rose bushes of different varieties. However, they are not only going to contribute to the further improvement of the territory of our university, but also help in this regional clinical children's hospital and a nearby preschool educational institution.
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26.05.2015 11:36
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