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At Postgraduate Center top up qualifications teachers of sports disciplines

June 23, at Postgraduate Center held the last in this academic year official handing certificates advanced training for coaches in different kinds sports. Advanced training was performed on the basis of the Faculty of Physical Education of ZNU, by specialized program "Modern aspects of sports training and techniques", which consisted of 72 academic hours.
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24.06.2015 09:29

At Postgraduate Education Center congratulated graduates of "State Financial Control" courses

Employees of the State Financial Inspection of Zaporizhzhya region were graduates of courses of excellence "State Financial Control", organized by Postgraduate Education Center and the Faculty of Economics of Zaporizhzhya National University.
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29.05.2015 14:59

At ZNU handed certificates to graduates of the courses "Accounting and Audit" Postgraduate Center

At Zaporizhzhya National University completed work on advanced training courses organized by Postgraduate Center and the Faculty of Economics of our university. They were aimed at training unemployed persons admitted for study Zaporizhzhya Regional Employment Center in "Accounting and Audit".
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14.04.2015 12:28
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