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Progressive methods of teaching

On April 17 in the first building of ZNU passed the seminar «Teaching subjects of chemical-biological profile in context of Bolonja process and analysis of pupils’ Olympiads and research works of pupils of Little Academy of Science».
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18.04.2007 09:24

Biologists of ZNU began creating their own dendropark

Representatives of the biological faculty of Zaporizhzhya national university marked its 20-th anniversary with one more action: solemn laying of dendropark on isle Khortitsya.
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18.04.2007 09:22

The winners of the brothers Klichko's award visited Kiev

The contest "Let Support Education Together" started by brothers Klichko foundation six month ago.The winners were annonced at the beginning of March. Among them are students of our university Katerina Klochko and Oleksiy Ignatusha (Faculty of History), Igor Isaev and Anna Dmytrenko (Faculty of Philology), Natalya Zhelnova and Kateria Sirinyok (Faculty of Journalizm), Oleksamdra Bilen'ka (Faculty of Social Pedagogic and Psychology), Mykhailo Vikhlayev (Faculty of Law), Inna Derevyns'ka (Faculty of Biology), Ivan Prykhod'ko (Faculty of Physical Education). The students have received grants and were inivited to rewarding ceremony in Kiev
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16.04.2007 19:19

In ZNU prospects of development of German and Roman philology were investigated

The First International scientific-practical conference «New horizons of development of German and Roman philology», that passed on April 11-12 on base of the faculty of foreign philology of Zaporizhzhya national university, gathered more than 200 scientists (students, post graduates and lecturers) from 17 cities of Ukraine and Russia.
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16.04.2007 09:21

Club of humor of Zaporizhzhya national university rises to the municipal level

On April 11 in the palace of culture «Dniprospecstal» passed the first quarter-final game of the Open Zaporizhzhya league of Clubs of humor.
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12.04.2007 09:19

Swiss guests at a session of the political club

On April 11 in ZNU a regular session of the political club of ZNU was held. In order to discuss with students political and social problems of up-to-date society, guests from Switzerland visited the club: representative of the board in problems of protection and aid to victims of violence in region Berna Monika Felenberg, the member of national rada of Switzerland Doris Stamp and the representative of national rada in «Green Party» Pia Kholestein.
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12.04.2007 09:18

The fair of youth organisations in ZNU

Yesterday in ZNU the fair of youth organisations was held. It was initiated by the most active students of faculties of management and foreign philology.
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06.04.2007 09:17

The day of open doors at the faculty of social pedagogy and psychology

On April 1 the faculty gathered about 210 school-graduates, future students of the faculty.
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03.04.2007 10:52

Members of Club of humor of ZNU visited the capital of humor – Odessa.

On April 1 in Odessa passed the quarter-final game of «The First Ukrainian league of Clubs of Humor».
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03.04.2007 10:52

The day of open doors at the faculty of journalism

On April 1 in room # 50 of ZNU was conducted the open-doors day at the faculty of journalism.
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03.04.2007 10:50
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