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ZNU is One of the Best Universities in Ukraine

Zaporizhzhya National University is the only one among Zaporizhzhya higher educational establishments, which is in the top-twenty list of the best Ukrainian schools, which offer higher education in humanitarian, economic, and law specialties. It was informed by the magazine "Dengi" ("Money"), which published "The Higher Educational Establishments Rating 2010".
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29.03.2010 16:06

Five Countries' Scientists Predict Ukrainian Future

On March 26th the International Scientific Conference "Social Predicting and Projecting of the Ukraine's Future" opened in ZNU. Scientists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, and Canada participate in it.
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26.03.2010 15:55

Law School of ZNU Gathered all Future Ukrainian Lawyers

In ZNU the regular two-days-long All-Ukrainian Law School in Administrative Law has started its work. The event is organized by the Student Ligue of the Association of Jurists of Ukraine and the Law Department of ZNU.
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26.03.2010 15:38

Theatre Day in ZNU

On March 27th there will be the International Theatre Day. The ZNU students and teachers of the Chair of the Actor Mastery celebrated their professional holiday together - they presented the new staging during the skit.
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26.03.2010 15:22

Evening of Music and Drama devoted to Anton Chekhov

In ZNU there was the literary evening "Our Chekhov" devoted to the 150th jubilee of the famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov. This evening prepared by the Philological Department's faculty staff enclosed the series of the celebration events devoted to the artists' birthday anniversary.
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25.03.2010 17:09

Own Radio at the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology

Today at 11 am the students, who study in the 8th building of ZNU listened to the Department's of Social Pedagogy and Psychology own local radio for the first time.
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25.03.2010 16:57

The Department of Management Researched the Effective Resources Management

On March 17th in the exhibition hall Cossack Palace within the XVII Special Exhibition of the Building Materials and Technologies there was hold the Interregional scientific and practical conference "Effective Resources Management". The conference organizers were the Management Department of the Zaporizhzhya National University and Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce.
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25.03.2010 16:50

Elections at the Management Department

On March 22nd the Department of Management students elected the members of their Student Council, which started its work immediately on the next day. Mykola Scherbyna became the SC's head.
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24.03.2010 14:32

New State Law Adopted: Public Smoking and Alcohol Usage are Prohibited

Now alcohol drinking and smoking are not only harmful for your health, but also for your pockets. The new state law was adopted at the beginning of the year: the drinking and smoking in the public places (including school campuses) are prohibited. The law violation will cost you the fine from 17 to 85 hryvnyas.
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24.03.2010 14:19

"Italians"-Graduates in The Center of Intensive Foreign Languages Learning

This week another academic group graduated from the ZNU's Center of Intensive Foreign Languages Learning. The students were studying the Italian language during the standard course of 3,5 months (8 academic hours per week). All graduates received the certificates.
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24.03.2010 14:18
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