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Biology Department's Scientists Discussed Insurance Medicine Problems

Last week the students and the teachers of the Biological Department were on the air at the regional TV channel Alex's project "People - For, People - Against". It was devoted to the discussing of the problems of paid medical care and insurance medicine.
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21.12.2010 18:58

Students of History Department Showed English Language Communicative Skills

On December 15th there was the Festival of Foreign Languages organized by the Chair of Business Communication. The juniors majoring in "International Affairs" showed their communicative skills in profesional English.
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21.12.2010 18:41

Music Break Devoted to St. Nikolas Day

On December 17th the Student Council of Biological Department surprised the faculty and students with the concert devoted to the St. Nikolas Day. They spent the music break having sung songs and handed out the sweets to everyone.
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20.12.2010 18:53

3rd All-Ukrainian Contest in Administrative Law

On December 17-18th the Student League of Association of Jurists of Ukraine organized the 3rd All-Ukrainian Contest in Administrative Law named by Vasyl Stephanyk and supported by the dean of the ZNU Department of Law Teatiana Kolomoets.
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20.12.2010 18:13

"Porogy" Is Among Best

Zaporizhzhya informational portal "Porogy" won the second place in the International Contest "Golden Web", which was being held among the youth internet media. In nomination "The Best Youth Project" "Porogy" was the second having gained only 0.3 points less than the winners.
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17.12.2010 20:05

College's of Economy and Law Students Organized Holiday for Orphans

The most loved children holidays - the St. Nikolas Day and the New Year - are coming. The Student volunteers of the ZNU College of Economy and Law organized the charity donation fund "Bring the Holiday to Kids!"
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17.12.2010 19:53

Law Department Students Visited Skating Ring

The skating ring "Katran" provided ZNU with the possibility to organize the Pre-New-Year celebration for the law students.
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17.12.2010 19:46

Student Scientists Discussed Hadron Collider’s Work

On December 15th the members of the Scientific Society of Students and Post-Graduates of the Department of Physics held the round table discussion "Large Hadron Collider and First Results".
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17.12.2010 19:35

European Master Students Got Diplomas

On December 15th there was the ceremony of the Master Diploma handing to the graduates majoring in "European Perspectives of Social Involvement". It is the second graduation year for this program which started in 2005. The program based at the Business Education Center and was coordinated by the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology.
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16.12.2010 19:27
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