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To 25th Chornobyl Catastrophe Anniversary

It has been 25 years since the moment of the catastrophe at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station occurred. It still has been considered as the biggest nuclear catastrophe in the human history and the technological breakdown of the 20th century.
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26.04.2011 10:42

Happy Easter!

Dear faculty, students and staff of Zaporizhzhya National University!
Congratulations in the Great Holiday of the Christ Resurrection!
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22.04.2011 19:32

Department of Sociology and Administration Celebrated First Anniversary

The Department of Sociology and Administration of Zaporizhzhya National University celebrated its 10th anniversary. It was bright and fun celebration. A lot of city authorities, the university administration representatives, the colleagues from other departments, the departments honor guests, students and teachers.
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22.04.2011 18:49

Zaporizhzhya Athletes Won Final Competition in Sport Aerobics on the program of the 10th Ukrainian Student Games

On April 15-16 in the ZNU's sport gym there was the Final Competition in Sport Aerobics on the program of the 10th Ukrainian Student Games. The Zaporizhzhya Oblast Team won the competition. The athletes from Zaporizhzhya National University, Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy, Classical Private University, and Berdyansk State University formed the team.
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22.04.2011 18:31

3rd Ukrainian Song Festival in ZNU

It has become a good tradition to organize the celebration of a song in our university. The 3rd Festival of Ukrainian Song took place in ZNU on April 20. It was devoted to the 20th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine.
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21.04.2011 18:43

"Young University" Representatives Participated in Science Festival

The talented students of Zaporizhzhya middle and high schools joined the 5th All-Ukrainian Science Festival in ZNU. They participated in the University Conference of students and Young scientists "Young Science - 2011". 45 pupils were selected to participate in it.
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20.04.2011 10:05

Law Students Participated in Creating Youth Scientific Council of Oblast State Administration

On March 21 there was the gathering of the young scientists of Zaporizhzhya region. It was initiated by the ZNU Law department's students Vitaliy Kharkov, Michael Bombyzov, and Olesya Krasnokutska, and coordinated by the dean Tetian Kolomoets.
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19.04.2011 19:51

University Open Doors Day in ZNU

On April 19th in ZNU there was the all-University Open Doors day. The future entrants and their parents had the possibility to get more information about the structure of the university, its offers and this year admissions campaign. They met the university administration, had the excursion to the ZNU campus, and visited the student concert.
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19.04.2011 19:37

ZNU Representatives Participated in "Recreation. Tourism. Resort - 2011" Exhibition

On April 14-16 in the exhibition hall Cossack Palace there was the IX Interregional Exhibition "Recreation. Tourism. Resort - 2011". More than 90 representatives of the tourism sector of Zaporizhzhya and other regions participated in it. The Departments of Physical education and the Center of Business Education of ZNU presented the university there.
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18.04.2011 14:09

Theatre Day Celebration in ZNU

On March 27th the world celebrated the International Theater Day. ZNU's students of Theatre major organized the concert devoted to this occasion.
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15.04.2011 19:54
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