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Representatives of the teaching staff invited experts to the Scientific Council of Education of Ukraine

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved the new composition of sections for professional directions of the Scientific Council. By the way, in many sections of the rotation of staff was quite noticeable. In particular, their work attracted nine representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University, who have already participated in the first meetings of the new line.
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30.11.2015 10:26

At the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology held a round table for future teachers

On November 28 at the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of Zaporizhzhya National University held a roundtable "Actual Problems of Psychology". Also, the event was attended by students of the Faculty of Philology. The meeting consisted of two parts: first, the participants discussed topical issues of psychological service of education, and defended student research projects of psychological and educational issues.
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30.11.2015 10:14

Students of Economics and Law College honor Holodomor victims

On November 27 students of ELC of Zaporizhzhya National University within a week commemorating the Holodomor victims had a "Lesson of Holodomor victims of 1932-1933". For students held a lecture Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Faculty of History of ZNU Roman Moldovskyi.
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30.11.2015 09:50

At ZNU investigate problems and prospects of development of scientific, medical and pharmaceutical sciences

On 27 November at ZNU started the IV Regional Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Actual problems and prospects of development of scientific, medical and pharmaceutical sciences". The participants were 124 young scientists, including representatives of our university, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University and Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy.
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30.11.2015 09:39

First time at ZNU held a conference on sustainable development and the greening of the economy

On November 24 at Zaporizhzhya National University held the second National Conference "Sustainable development of the economy based on resource efficiency". It started on the initiative of representatives of Economics Faculty of ZNU with the support of state and public organizations and the participation of many institutions of higher education - the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, Ukrainian Union of economists, the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, the Center for Ecological Culture in Zaporizhzhya, Zaporizhzhya State Medical University, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy and others. During the conference, participants discussed the priority issues that today constitute the basis of the sustainable development strategy of our country, and a number of the related issues: the greening of production, global reorientation of the energy system to renewable resources, the need to reform the economic system involving innovation and investment in the industry ecological production, and problems associated with this administrative reform of decentralization.
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25.11.2015 15:52

Teacher of the Law Faculty told senior pupils about their rights and obligations

On November 24 lecturer of the Department of Constitutional and Labor Law of the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University Iya Pelekh conducted a career-guidance lecture for pupils of 9th form of Zaporizhzhya multidisciplinary Lyceum "Prospect". Event took place with the assistance of Dean the Law Faculty Tetiana Kolomoiets.
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25.11.2015 15:49

Important scientific achievements are in view of scientists

Recently, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of Zaporizhzhya National University, which currently summed up the autumn university graduate certification, discussed the state and prospects of development of teaching and research laboratory of cellular and organismal biotechnology and other working points. In addition, scientists have paid attention to such important issues as the contribution of researchers in the Faculty of Historyof ZNU decommunisation business society in Zaporozhye region. Chaired the meeting - Gennadiy Vasylchuk, Vice-Rector for Science and Research.
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25.11.2015 14:44

Lawyers of ZNU conduct training for civil servants and students

On November 17 on the basis of Zaporizhzhya center of retraining and advanced training of employees of state agencies, local governments, heads of state enterprises, institutions and organizations held a roundtable on the problems of Ukrainian anti-corruption legislation and the specifics of its application in practice.
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19.11.2015 11:31

At the Faculty of Biology students shared their experience in international training

At the Faculty of Biology held a round table on the topic "Academic Mobility of Students of Biological Faculty as a Way of Integration into the European Educational Space".
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17.11.2015 10:18

In the Media Day at ZNU examined the topic of the local community development

Last week at the Faculty of Social Science and Administration of Zaporizhzhya National University held a media day during which presented the results of a study on local community development on the example of Zaporizhzhya region. Research carried out by the Scientific Resource Centre of ZNU Sustainable Development and the Independent Sociological Research Centre of ZNU under the joint EU / UNDP project "Local Development CBA". Participants also learned about establishing effective cooperation with the media area. They also participated in media training.
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16.11.2015 14:32
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