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At the Faculty of Law celebrated European Day of Languages

The roundtable discussion on the European Day of Languages was attended by about 40 students. They actively discussed the importance of studying foreign languages and mastering career guidance, professional development opportunities and career of future lawyers, who speak foreign languages, including English, and discussed the importance of multilingualism and multiculturalism in the modern world.
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29.09.2015 13:35

At the Faculty of Law presented its activity UBA Students' League of Ukraine

On September 25 at Zaporizhzhya National University made a presentation UBA Students' League of Ukraine organized by members of the Zaporizhzhya branch of the organization. The event visited about 40 law students of the University. On the objectives and purpose of the League, its main areas of work is to attend the presentation told the media manager UBA Students' League Vladyslav Glushko and Head of Zaporizhzhya branch of the NGO Dariia Stepanchenko.
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28.09.2015 14:47

At the Faculty of Law discussed the legislation on local government

On September 23 at the Law Faculty was held seminar colloquium on "Problems and Prospects of Legislation Development in the Direction of Power Decentralization and Reform of Local Government", organized by the 2nd year students of the Faculty of Law supported by Dean of the Faculty of Law, LL.D., Professor Tetiana Kolomoiets and Head of the Laboratory Involving Rulemaking and Enforcement Maryna Shyvanova, and Ph.D. in Law, lecturer of Constitutional and Labor Law Department Natali Verlos.
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24.09.2015 11:00

Law Faculty Students of ZNU acquainted with the changes that have occurred in Zaporizhzhya region prosecutor's office

On September 22 students of EQL "Specialist" of the Law Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University under the leadership of its Dean, LL.D., Professor Tetiana Kolomoiets and Associate Professor of Criminal Law and Justice Department Pavlo Shaldyrvan visiting prosecutors of Zaporizhzhya region to familiarize themselves with the changes that have taken place in its activities and structure under the new Law of Ukraine "On Prosecution".
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22.09.2015 15:57

At the Faculty of Law discussed crimes against the national security of Ukraine

Last week at the Faculty of Law held a round table on "Criminal legal description of the offenses under Articles 111 and 114 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: the results of scientific research" with Oksana Uzunova, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor of Criminal Law and Justice Department and 3rd years students of the Faculty.
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21.09.2015 09:24

Scientists of ZNU and officials of ZRSA discussed the decentralization of power

Zaporizhzhya National University scientists are taking active part in the process of reforming the legislation and government of our country. They often act as experts and conducting broad powers educational activities, helping to improve the general state of political and legal literacy. That is when in Ukraine going on an important for the further development reform of decentralization of the government, representatives of the teaching staff of ZNU organized a series of special events, meetings round tables, discussions, debates, etc., which incorporate not only the teachers and students of our university, but and the general public.
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16.09.2015 11:13

Lawyers studied the bankruptcy case

Today, September 15, the Faculty of Law freshmen, accompanied by asociate professor Oleksii Makarenkov attended the Economic Court of Zaporizhzhya region, where was considered the bankruptcy case. Students learned about the form of organization of judges in the administration of justice, technical equipment of courtroom and examined its work; place, dress and attributes of a judge; location of participants in the hall, the sequence and the order of speeches communication conditions for admission to attend the meeting, the form and procedure of appeal, respectable way of communicating with him and others.
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15.09.2015 15:03

Freshmen of the Faculty of Law dedicated to students on the banks of the Dnieper

Yesterday, on September 13, the Students' Council of the Faculty of Law on the island of Khortytsya organized dedication to students. It was a real holiday for youth. The event was interesting and positive. And of course, all participants gave only good mood and ocean inspiration for new victories and achievements for the entire upcoming academic year.
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14.09.2015 10:18

Lawyers listened to lectures of Chairman of Zaporizhzhya Court of Appeal

Chairman of the Court of Appeal of Zaporizhzhya region L.L.D. Viktor Horodovenko for the 1st year students of the Faculty of Law hold a lecture on "Judicial and Law Enforcement Bodies of Ukraine". Young studied the latest reform (At the constitutional level) and trends in the judiciary of Ukraine; actual issues of justice courts of our country at the present stage of transformation of open political and legal systems; determining definitions of "judicial power", "justice", "Appeal District" and other key concepts of the topic, the legal framework, a system of judicial power (features in Zaporizhzhya region, the role of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the specifics of the various forms of justice (conceptually), as well as the legal status of the High Council of Justice of Ukraine.
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14.09.2015 10:00

At the Faculty of Law of ZNU held the presentation of the data book "Administrative and legal education in personalities"

June 24, at the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University held the presentation of the new data book "Administrative and legal education in personalities" edited by Doctor of Law Sciences, professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Dean of the Faculty of Law, the Head of the Department of administrative and commercial law of ZNU Tetiana Kolomoiets and Doctor of Law, professor of the Department of Administrative and Economic Law of ZNU Valeriia Kolpakova.
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25.06.2015 09:17
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