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The day of the faculty of physics

On May 18 the faculty of physics celebrated its seventeenth birthday! On this occasion the first building was decorated with balloons and broadsheets, the wonderful party mood reigned for the whole day.
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21.05.2007 11:02

The Europe day in ZNU

The day of Europe has become the holiday of peace for our University. We celebrate it not for the first time, not only on local, but on regional level. Last year we accepted numerous delegates of embassies of European countries in walls ZNU, we took part in work of “European city” on Festivalna square, this year we organized such “European city” on the territory of our university.
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21.05.2007 11:01

Scientific achievements of the biological faculty of ZNU

For the second time the biological faculty of ZNU had been chosen the base for conduction of All-Ukrainian contest of scientific works of students biological sciences.
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18.05.2007 14:01

“Zhukovskogo, 66” became a winner in Championship of Humor Clubs of ZNU

All through this educative year students of Zaporizhzhya national University watched the games of Championship of Humor Clubs of ZNU to the rector’s bowl. And at last on May 16 in the final battle of humor the team of HC of the physical faculty “Zhukovskogo, 66” won. Members of the team could be named absolute champions, they had no one defeat for all the year!
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18.05.2007 13:58

«Law Readings» in ZNU

In Zaporizhzhya national university passed the twelfth annual scientific-practical conference «Zaporizhzhya Law Readings». This year the conference gathered about 200 scientists from 48 top educative establishments almost from all regions of Ukraine. Besides, representatives of social organizations attended the action - Center of political and law reforms (Kyiv), Associations of lawyers of Ukraine (Kyiv), Regional center of Academy of law sciences of Ukraine, regional and municipal law-protecting organs, leading legal firms of Zaporizhzhya, professional publishing houses.
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18.05.2007 13:56

On SPP was conducted All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference

In Zaporizhzhya national university All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «Theory and practice of preparation of social pedagogues and psychologists in universities: experience, problems and prospects», dedicated to 15-th anniversary of the faculty of social pedagogy and psychology of our university.
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18.05.2007 13:47

Physical upbringing in the sight of specialists

The third International scientific-practical conference «Actual problems of physical culture, sport and tourism in modern social-economic conditions» traditionally gathered about a hundred leading specialists in this branch from different countries: Russia, Byelorussia, and China in walls of ZNU.
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18.05.2007 13:45

First footstep to success

At the law faculty of Zaporizhzhya national university was conducted the complex contests among students in interviewing clients for the right to pass summer practice in leading juridical firms of Zaporizhzhya (in auditing firm ZAO «Zaporozhauditconsulat» and law corporation «ISK»).
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17.05.2007 14:02

The nature of Ukraine as a map for tours

Recently students of biological faculty returned from tour over Crimea. It became possible due to support of the Club of extreme kinds of sport «Horizon» which helped our biologists with organization of transport and by munitions. Director of zoological museum of ZNU Olexandr Korotya guided the tour.
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16.05.2007 14:06

On way of creation the Center of Fundraising in ZNU

On May 11-12 representatives of Technological university of Drezden (Germany) visited our University.
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16.05.2007 14:05
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