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The biological faculty of ZNU celebrated the 26 anniversary

April 1 is a Fools' Day, and for students biologists it is also Day of biological faculty.
This year faculty celebrated the 26 anniversary. The holiday passed under the slogan "2+6 = ∞". Water is a living base, that’s why students of biological faculty traveled by 26 seas.

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05.04.2013 09:40

Students of biological faculty visited the Zaporizhzhya boarding school № 3

Students of biological faculty of the Zaporizhzhya national university successfully continue to work over the “Present Your Heart to Children” project.

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05.04.2013 09:37

Students of ZNU biological faculty were honored at All-Ukrainian competition of student`s scientific works

Works of three students of biological faculty were honored at All-Ukrainian competition of student`s scientific works on the “Ecology and Ecological Safety” which took place on the basis of Donetsk national technical university. 

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01.04.2013 14:54

Master of Biology Faculty News won the Ukrainian competition of student research papers by Sector "Chemical Sciences"

Master specialty "Chemistry" biological faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University Alina Highlands back with a victory from Donetsk National University. It is on the basis of this university took the final scientific conference second round of the Ukrainian student research by industry "Chemical Sciences".
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28.03.2013 10:15

The meeting of the round table by the International day of water took place at biological faculty of ZNU

On 22nd of March took place the meeting of the round table, which devoted to celebration of the International day of water. At the meeting of the round table there was the
The Vice-Rector for Science and Research of ZNU– Victor Gristchak, the head of the general and applied ecology and zoology department, professor Olexander Rylsky, the deputy dean on Science, the associate professor of immunology and biochemistry – Vira Kopiyka, activists of students and graduate students Scientific organization of biological faculty, students and lecturers of chemistry, ecology and zoology departments.

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25.03.2013 11:04

Results of the Scientific Conference of All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Papers Contest on Biological Sciences

March 15, the summarization of the Scientific Conference results of All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Papers Contest on Biological Sciences took place at ZNU Faculty of Biology. We remind, that for 2 days - March 13-14 - the best 56 young scientists from the leading universities of Ukraine have been presenting their pepers on natural sciences.
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15.03.2013 14:56

In ZNU solemn opening ceremony of the second stage of Ukrainian student research in "Biology"

Faculty of Biology Zaporizhzhya National University second year is the base for the second stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in "Biology". This time the organizers of the event - representatives of Biology Faculty News and leadership of our university - dedicated nationwide science student assembly 150-year anniversary of the birth of the famous scientist Vladimir Vernadsky.
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12.03.2013 16:44

Device for life - from biology student

At the end of February in Kiev, the traditional annual Ukrainian competition inventive and innovative environmental projects naturalistic direction "Nature-man-production-environment." Biology student ZNU Tatiana Red won the final stage of the competition II place.
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04.03.2013 16:11

Students of the Faculty of Biology ZNU conducted Seminar "program SPSS in vivo studies"

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04.03.2013 11:40
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