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Students-Journalists Met Former Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station Worker

The students have been waiting for this meeting, which took place on May 17, for a long time. The Assistant Dean Victor Kostyk said about his recent meeting with interesting and courage person, who belongs to the 1st disability group because of the Chornobyl catastrophe. The meeting was very interesting for the students.
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18.05.2011 12:13

Tour to Paris

As a result of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympics in French Language, which took place at the end of April, a senior of the ZNU Department of Foreign Philology Marina Maximenkova majoring in French language and literature won the second place.
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18.05.2011 12:05

American Professor Jason Hans Gives Lectures at Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology

The Professor of Family Psychology from University of Kentucky (Lexington, USA) Jason Hans visited the Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology of ZNU. This isn't his first visit within the international exchange Fulbright Program. Prof. Hans gave several lectures for students-psychologists on May 11-13. The lectures' topics were: Theories of Love and Partner Search, Family Relations, Family Crises, Sex and Gender, Sexology and so on.
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18.05.2011 11:03

«German Dream» Presentation in ZNU

On May 16 within the European Week celebrating the representatives of the German press editions «Zeit-online» and «ZDF-online» Wolfgang Blau and Alysa Selene visited ZNU and presented their book «German Dream» to the university students and teachers.
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17.05.2011 12:21

International Museums Day in ZNU

The reading hall of the ZNU Scientific library hosts the exhibition about the world-known museums and picture galleries devoted to the International Museums Day, which is celebrated on May 18.
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16.05.2011 19:08

"French Without Borders" Program Presentation

Today the students of the Department of Foreign Philology majoring in French Language and Literature met the representatives of the International Association French Without Borders Benjamin Bekner and Frederic Boden , who presented their association's program.
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16.05.2011 18:53

"Misto Z" Participants Met as Heroes in Zaporizhzhya

On May 15 the participants of the «Misto Z» team were met as heroes. 500 young men and ladies, who represented our city at the All-Ukrainian dance project Majdan's in Kyiv, were met at the central train station Zaporizhzhya-1 by the city authorities, relatives and fans. Zaporizhzhya has a real opportunity to win the main prize of the project.
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16.05.2011 18:32

Post-Graduate Department Congratulates!

Post-Graduate Department congratulates
OKSANA VALENTINOVNA BUKANOVA, Senior Laboratory Assistant of the Chair of Philosophy on candidate dissertation defending!
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16.05.2011 18:23

Physicists Know Not Only Physics

Traditionally the brain-ring game was organized within the celebration of the Physical Department's Day. The teams of teachers and students competed to show their erudition and quick-wittedness.
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16.05.2011 10:34

Physical Department Played Football

The series of games in mini-football among the students and teachers of the Physical Department were held in ZNU and were devoted to the department's 20th anniversary. Three matches were organized: "Blonds vs. Brunettes", "Students vs. Teachers" and "Younger Students vs. Older Ones".
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16.05.2011 10:17
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