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ZNU biologists celebrating 25th anniversary through International Scientific Conference

3rd International Scientific and Practice Conference on Modern Problems in Biology, Ecology and Chemistry was held in ZNU, attended by scientists from Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, France, Spain, professors and  students from ZNU as well as many other HEIs of Ukraine. 

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21.05.2012 00:48

Theme group sessions in Biological Sciences held at the Faculty of Biology

April, 11 within the framework of annual “Youth Science” conference theme group session in Biological Sciences was carried out at the Faculty of Biology. Their reports presented 53 participants, among which 48 students, 2 young scholars and 3 postgraduate students, in the following areas of research: Human and Animal Physiology. Human Ecology, Chemistry, Game Management, Immunology and Biochemistry, Environment

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25.04.2012 09:20

ZNU Students of Biology became winners at All-Ukrainian Competition on “Nature. Human. Production. Environment”

After the results of annual “Nature. Human. Production. Environment” All-Ukrainian Young Rationalizers and Inventors Competition, 2nd year students of Biology (ZNU), majoring in Ecology, Environmental Protection and Rational Management of Natural Resources Anastasia Kobyliatska and Anastasia Skokova became 1st and 3rd winners respectively in the selected areas.

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20.04.2012 14:18

The best expert on Chemistry identified in ZNU

 The competition for the smartest student in Chemistry was held at the Faculty of Biology last week.

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09.04.2012 09:05

Student Biology Conference launched in ZNU

Research and Practice Conference Final within the framework of All-Ukrainian Student Research Projects Contest in Biology Sciences was held in ZNU. Its organisers Zaporizhzhya National University, Students Scientific Society (ZNU) along with the Faculty of Biology gathered contestants across forty higher education institutions of Ukraine
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15.03.2012 23:22

Workshop for teachers of Biology and Chemistry in ZNU

The workshop for local teachers of Biology and Chemistry was carried out by Zaporizhzhya Regional Institute for Postgraduate Teacher Training Education
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03.03.2012 10:03

Winners of ‘Best Expert in Biology’ academic competition identified

February, 24 traditional competition in Biology Science was held at the Faculty of Biology. Undergraduates of 4-5 years and Master degree students of Biology (specializations: Bioecology, Biochemistry and Immunology, Game Management and Ichthyology, Physiology) participated in the competition
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01.03.2012 09:42

Unique Tropical Forest in ZNU

An aquarium was set up last year in the campus bld. # 3 which after results of ‘The best landscape design expert’ contest was designed by students. Students from Department of Landscape Design have decided to restore the florarium to the 25th anniversary of Biology Faculty. A new project has been elaborated with its further turning into reality
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01.03.2012 09:32

Faculty of Biology is ready for round 2 of Ukrainian student research project contest

Following the decree by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine ZNU has been selected as the base for holding round 2 of the Contest in Biological Sciences.
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13.02.2012 00:12

Scientific papers in Biological Sciences approved and selected for round 2 of Ukrainian Students Scientific Papers Contest

This year Biology Faculty, ZNU has been selected to host Ukrainian Students Scientific Papers Contest in Biological Sciences. Applications for experimental papers from undergraduate students across Ukrainian higher education institutions were accepted till January 20, 2012.
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25.01.2012 10:08
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