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“Theatre – this is something, that couldn’t be described by words” – say the students – actors of ZNU

27-th of March, the celebration of the Theatre Day took place in the Cultural Palace of Drobyazko. On this day the young actors showed their skills at the stage of the great Palace. The manager of the chair of author’s mastership O. P. Korol’ stressed that theatre had youth, maturity, but hadn’t old age. The students of elder courses made glad the audience by different miniscenes. The students proved that theatre is their life.
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27.03.2007 11:55

“Parliamentary debates” took place in Zaporizhzhya National University

24-th of March, Auditory 501 was turned into the session’s hall, because the intellectual game “Parliamentary debates” took place. The initiator and organizer of the games was well known club of intellectual games “Moderator”. The youth leaders of Zaporizhzhya were also invited there. The judges marked the high level of the players. A good behavior and the wish to win remained at the presents after the debates. Sonya Sokolova
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27.03.2007 11:53

The advises of the specialities about jobs for graduates

On the 20 of March 2007 the training in the hall of the 5 course ZNU "How to begin your own career" was held. The aim was to help students to be well oriented in life. It was organised by the students' company of the juridical faculty and "The League of the students".
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20.03.2007 11:50

The Open Doors' Day at the philological faculty

On the 20 of March more than 100 school-graduates came to get acquainted with the administration of the faculty, its teachers, scientific development and future work. The dean of the faculty Tamara Homyak expressed her thought that philology is the most important science. The main thing was the story about credit-modul system of education and about the revival of the native language. After that there was the test. Tanya Nos stressed that she wanted Ukrainian language to go ahead, because it is important for our Ukraine. Many school-leavers attend the preparatory courses which give them to be very confident in their strength.
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20.03.2007 11:47

The Open Doors' Day at the biology faculty

On the 19 of March 2007 about 150 school-graduates together with their parents gathered in the hall. First the dean of the faculty Ludmila Omelyanchik was introduced, who told about the history of the faculty, invited to come to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first of April and than spoke about the different directions, the system of practice and the future job. The representatives of the "preparing before the exams" highly appreciated the choice of students. After that the achievements of the faculty were presented and the test that aimed to control knowledge. It is a real level of preparing for exams. All school-leavers were glad to get such useful information.
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19.03.2007 11:46

A regional festival of slem-poetry in ZIDMU

On the 17th of March a regional festival of slem-poetry in ZIDMU took place; 7 poets took part in it, 2 of them from ZNU. Slem-poetry is a new stream in Ukrainian culture, the main sence of which is in reciting poems on theater stage and performing at the same time. The author becomes a real actor. The organizer of the festival is the "Club of Ukrainian youth". The rules of them are rather standard. This kind of poetry is not widely, known to the people of our town, but there were no vacant seats, many of the students came to see a literary performance. The winners of the competition "A young wine" Vladimir Vichlyaev and Vladimir Klen. The winners were those, who could be there. They are said that it was well organized. The only negative fact was that the reaction of the people who came to the meeting by chance.
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19.03.2007 11:44

The law faculty - to orphans

The beneficial action took place on the 17 of March 2007. The students of the 3rd and 4th years organised the excursion of children from boarding-school № 3 to the children's railway station. The leader of this action was Mikola Martynov, the student of the 3rd year. 40 children visited the zoo, terrarium, aquarium and botany garden. After the excursion the children decided to acquire fishes. They were impressed by the water pool in the garden where people throw money, thinking of the dreams. The students of the faculty bought food, dresses, and prepare different shares. And this last excursion had a personal contact with nature makes them more kind and helps to develop the feelings of beauty.
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17.03.2007 11:43

Competition in criminal law and process

At the law faculty of ZNU the students' competitions "Competition in criminal law and process. The master of juridical speech" took place on the 17 of March 2007. It was organized by the society of the faculty. Only 6 students took part. The judges were the teachers of the department. In her greeting the dean of the faculty Tatyana Kolomoets stressed: "The aim of the competition is to use knowledge practically and to make their oratory abilities better, to give them to feel themselves in the surroundings of the juridical meeting". The best accuser turned to be Olesya Babanina, the best defender - Thogik Masmanyan. They won the right to represent ZNU in Donetsk on the 21 of May.
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17.03.2007 11:42

The Bulgarian language at the philological faculty

Languages of other people are taught at the philological faculty, among them is the Bulgarian language. It is important that the students listen to the languages from the teachers to whom this language is native. Ludmila Minkova, the teacher of Russian in Plovdiv University, teaches them the Bulgarian language. 25 students attend her seminars and she is very glad to have such students. They are not Bulgarians, but they say that the Bulgarian language will help them to understand Grammar of other languages, Ukrainian, for example; to learn culture as the Bulgarians live in the South of Ukraine together with other nationalities.
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17.03.2007 11:40

Vice-miss Military - from the law faculty

Not long ago the competition "Miss Military 2007" took place in Zaporizhzhya and Nataliya Priladisheva took the second place. It is her first experience in model business. She won thanks to her friends and group-mates, and the dean of the faculty Victor Sabodash. There were 20 girls from all places of Ukraine. They were in military costumes in bathing suits, presented vanguard military suits. The winners were presented valuable things. For example, Natalia was presented the trip to Turkey. Speaking about her plans for the future, Natalia told that she would take part in the university competition, in which she would present her faculty.
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17.03.2007 11:39
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