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Representatives of biological faculty congratulated the honorary graduate

On September, 21 Liudmila Vasilivna Brazhevska (Chuiko), the honorary graduate of Zaporizhzhya National University celebrated her 80-th jubilee. Representatives of the Biological Faculty, on which she studied from 1945 to 1949, and journalists of the University mass media congratulated her.
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21.09.2006 15:56

Conclusions of practice on the Biological Faculty

Students’ practice is the important part of study on every faculty. And students-biologists began the new educative year from summing up their summer activities that was aimed to improve their skills on practice.
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21.09.2006 15:55

Visit of singer and composer Petro Klimenko

Yesterday the Honorary figure of arts of Ukraine, the singer and composer Petro Klimenko visited ZNU.
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21.09.2006 15:54

Charitable action to the Day of Peace in ZNU

Today during the long break in front of the second building of ZNU solemnities dedicated to the celebration of the World Day of Peace passed. In the framework of that action Students’ Council of ZNU conducted charitable action to the 50-th anniversary of Zaporizhzhya boarding-school #1.
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21.09.2006 15:51

Diploma of TV-studio of ZNU “Universe-TV”

Representatives of TV-studio of ZNU “Universe-TV” became diplomants of the Ukrainian Open Festival of children's and youth cinema and television «Chrystal Sourses», where they presented art-publicistic programme «Me and Society», dedicated to problem of orphanship in Zaporizhzhya region.
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20.09.2006 15:58

The First All-Ukrainian festival “Heirs of kossaks’ fame”

ZNU became one of the organizers of the First All-Ukrainian festival “Heirs of kossaks’ fame” that lasted in Zaporizhzhya for four days. Its honorary guest became the minister of education and science of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko. In celebrations took part the rector of ZNU Sergij Timchenko. On festival the best were defined among 540 young followers of kossaks’ customs in such nominations, as “Sports contest”, “Contest of experts of history of Ukrainian kossaks” and others.
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19.09.2006 15:57

Archeological practice of students-historians

At the historic faculty the results of students’ archeological practice were summed up.
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18.09.2006 15:58

Portuguese magisterians in ZNU

From 12 to 25 of September students-magisterians of the university of Porto (Portugal) Olexandr Oliveiro and Fernando Martinio will be received in walls of our university.
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18.09.2006 15:58

Visit of Doctor Volfgang Schmal to ZNU

On September 12-13 the director of Institute of logistics Doctor Volfgang Schmal (Berlin, Germany) will deliver lectures in Zaporizhzhya national university for future economists and managers. The main topic of his course is «Rational planning and efficient use of state and private areas using the progressive method of logistics».
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13.09.2006 15:59

Awarding of sportsmen of ZNU

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08.09.2006 16:00
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